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From boring lips to kissable ones!

Men must have an attractive kissable lips for girls! Don't let straight boring lips ruin your date!

Ladies! Hi there! I'm Richie! hahahha Well, this review goes for both ladies and gentlemen out there who's looking for better lip shape.

I know it might sound strange for a guy to have lip reshape surgery, but of course what does plastic surgery is for? To enhance features that one feel insecure about right? And the main purpose of doing it is to gain confidence to yourself. So here I am, sharing with you my experience in doing lip reshape surgery with DRK.

I feel like my lips are dull and boring because of its inborn state shape that is straight.

I wonder if I can improve the shape of my lips because it looks like a fish lips. It's the one thing I feel insecure about myself. I don't want to inject fillers because big lips aren't for men, fuller lips are women's style.

So I've been around clinics in Bangkok I talked to many surgeons. Until one day I found DRK on the internet, they are very popular, everybody was talking about them. As I checked their website and reviews it got me interested and I went down right away for a consultation.

The doctor advised me to have a lip reshape surgery which it could enhance the details of my upper lips, make it heart shaped, and with this it wont look boring and fish-lips anymore. I agreed with the design that he make to my lips and we scheduled for a surgery.

***This is me the following day after my surgery***

My operation was securing and comfortable. On the day of my lip reshape surgery, the medical team prepared and assisted me for the operation. They were so professional in doing their jobs. They monitored me and made sure I'm physically and mentally ready for my procedure.

Doctor's hands were very gentle and skillful while operating me, when the local anesthesia was injected, everything that follows never felt pain or discomfort to me.

***1 week after my lip reshape surgery***

No more swelling, no bruises, no pain, no scar! everything is back to normal on its 7 days!

I would like to thank DRK for giving me a new lips and new life. Now, I feel more confident because my lips look more friendly and attractive. It changes the whole expression of my face.

Moreover, the recovery period was fantastic! I was back on my usual routine in no time!

The result is splendid and I would surely come back for more enhancement.

Thank you guys for reading my review. Good luck!

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