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Achieving femininity with beautiful full volume and shaped breasts : Breast Augmentation with Dr. Ko

One of the ultimate signs of being a real woman is having well shaped and developed breasts. In some cases, not all women are blessed with full blown boob size caused by hereditary and just biologically.

To my unlucky figure, sad to say that I don’t have the big breasts and that makes me feel inferior to others. The self confidence of being a woman is little by little leaving me. I cannot wear the clothes I want, and whenever I want to wear something sexy and revealing, it looks odd because I have a flat breast.

As many girls desire, I wanna look sexy and live confidently. And so my family and friends advised me to do plastic surgery. At first, I’m scared of doing it because I see a lot of women who had complications and bad results after doing breast augmentation. So what I did is to find a well experienced surgeon and an expert in doing breast augmentation.

DRK appeared like an angel and gave me light to have hope in making my dreams of having a big boobs come true. As I checked them on I found out several great things that we should all consider when we do breast augmentation surgery:

  1. Board Certified Plastic surgeon : you must check credentials of your surgeon and his expertise

  2. Implant that will be used and inserted in you: the silicone implant plays the major role for breast augmentation, because this implant will stay inside you as long as you want it. The material must be high quality and the brand must be accredited and canonical. DRK uses MENTOR silicone implant that is made in the USA. This brand is the top most recommended by surgeons around the globe.

  3. Facility: the place of your operation must be safe and well compact with complete technologies and medical necessities for your procedure. And I don’t think doing it in the clinic is the best place for your MAJOR OPERATION. DRK does the breast augmentation at the JCI accredited hospital which guarantees you 100% safe and hospital standard of medical services.

  4. REVIEWS: the feedback of the patients is essential to see how the previous went and if it goes perfectly well with the patients. When I checked how DRK patients felt grateful and satisfied with their result, plus seeing their before and after result, I am confident and very enthusiast to have the same outcome.

I now have CUP D size, from cup B to D! It was unbelievable!

My breast augmentation was a success! I had no complication or problem during my recovery time. In just a week, I went back to the office and do stuff normally. In a month, I can go swimming and activities with my friends.

I can now wear the clothes that I want and feel confident!

I am very happy with my new big breasts, my life has changed since I had my breast surgery with DRK.

I am forever thankful for Dr. Kolawach and his team for making my dream boobs come true and all the DRK staff for taking care of me and assisting me all throughout.

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