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Enhance your facial features to achieve a Golden Balance of total facial ratio. 

Each individual has their own beauty and style, DRK’s goal is to give a natural improvement to a particular feature of the face to obtain uniqueness of beauty. 


Facial Contouring surgery is a variation of procedures that aim to correct and give more definition to a certain facial feature. 

Decorating and reshaping the face is easiest now more than ever. For example, decorating the jawline requires the patient’s admission to the hospital. In order to properly reshape the jaw, the procedure is quite intrusive because it requires making an incision inside the mouth. Because of this, the patient takes one whole month to recover.


However, nowadays it is much easier to contour the face into a V Shape through various methods such as jaw surgery, botox, buccal fat removal, Facial liposuction, thread, RF. Such methods have grown more and more popular over the years, getting safer with each new innovation in conducting facelifts.


As we know, “No One-Size-Fits-All Solution” , each individual requires different method of treatment. Having consultation with doctor is the only way to know which method is suitable for you.

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