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Lip Reshape Surgery

Lips are an essential part in the Face Profile of a person. If the lips size is disproportionate, it can be restored to the correct size and restore balance to the face. If Lips are small, they can be increased in size by augmentation using filler material, fat injections or implants. If the lips are large in size, they can be decreased by reduction surgery to make them proportionate. DRK surgeons know what shape of lips will look good on your type of face. 

The Differences Between Male And Female Lips


The position, shape, and size of lips on men and women are typically different. Men’s lips tend to be thinner than women’s lips, with fuller, plumper lips being associated with a more feminine look. The distance between the opening of the mouth and the base of the nose is usually longer in men, causing the male lip to appear “flatter” and thinner. Whereas the female lip is usually higher and closer to the base of the nose and fuller in appearance, with the upper teeth slightly exposed.

Purposes behind Lip Surgery


Numerous individuals trust that their lips are too enormous, and need them diminished. Numerous more youthful patients are frequently cognizant about having bigger than normal lips and are here and there prodded by their schoolmates. Albeit one should hold up until the to have their lip estimate diminished because of developing of the facial features. In our general public ethnically bring down lip is bigger than upper lip, which is regularly not preferred by many. Your grin is a piece of your identity. The bend of our lips and the look of our teeth uncover our sentiments and articulations. An appealing grin in this way enhances one's picture and fearlessness.




The Surgery 

Lip surgery is regularly joined with different medications keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the ideal outcome. Dermal fillers, Fraxel laser treatment or compound peels might be performed alongside lip surgery keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the ideal outcome. In the event that you have extra wrinkles in the brow zone, it may likewise be powerful to join your treatment with botox infusions. Your specialist will talk about the choices with you at your counsel and together you will settle on the best approach. 


Lip surgery is regularly done as a day case in doctor's facility, in nearby analgesic with or without light broad soporific. Contingent upon the technique, the entry point is made inside the lip, in the lip edges or toward the edges of the mouth. Following the surgery you will be nearly checked while you start your recuperation and the impacts of the sedative wear off.

Pre-operative care: 


  1. Cleaning or washing the face before surgery.

  2. No vitamin E or any medicine or supplement that could reduce blood clotting, such as aspirin and the like.It should be stop taking for about 7-10 days, for it may cause bleeding during the surgery.

  3. Wash your hair thoroughly before the surgery because you can not wash your hair in the first few days after surgery.

  4. Should provide a one-week suspension of rest after surgery or strenuous exercise. 

  5. Stop smoking before surgery and after surgery for about 2-4 weeks.



The duration of the surgery may take 30 - 45 minutes


After the anesthetic wears off, there may be swelling or pain expected to occur. This can be alleviated with pain relievers. Pain and swelling may take 1-3 days. To reduce symptoms apply cold compress around the area to help reduce swelling and alleviate pain.

Heart Shaped Lip Reshaping Surgery procedure

Postoperative Care:


  1. Clean the mouth using the mouthwash prescribed by the surgeon to prevent infection on the surgical wound.

  2. Refrain brushing the teeth for 3-4 days to prevent getting the incision to be irritated and may cause infection.

  3. Add extra moisture using ointment or petroleum oil to add moisture to the skin around the surgical resection cavity.

  4. Avoid touching the surgical wound or try to remove the absorbable stitches to prevent bleeding and opening of the wound.

  5. Apply cold packs around the area of the lips to help reduce the swelling and pain for 3 days.

  6. Avoid eating and drinking hot and spicy food and beverages.

  7. Use a straw when drinking beverages.

After Surgery 

Uneasiness, swelling and wounding are not out of the ordinary after lip surgery, however are by and large fleeting and not normally serious. You may encounter a sentiment swelling, firmness, strain and soreness. Post-agent sutures, dressings and recuperation periods will shift contingent upon the system and the individual patient. After surgery, sutures within the mouth dissolve in about the same amount of time. The lips may feel numb until the healing process is complete. Additionally, lips may feel stiff for up to three months after the procedure. dressings are expelled at DRK Beauty Clinic. Until the point when then you ought to stay cool and all around rested. 

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