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About DRK

World Class Premium Plastic Surgery

"DRK International aim to be Thailand leading plastic surgery center. Our mission is to render excellent quality of services to our patients and assures safety."


Greetings, I am Dr. Kolawach Laochaisri, I am the CEO and Head plastic surgeon of DRK Medical Group.
As the founder of this medical group organization on the year 2003, our team have been very grateful of the accomplishments we have attained. As years gone by, our plastic and cosmetic surgery center became bigger and bigger. More board-certified Thai plastic surgeons have come to be our partners, and altogether become a huge variety of plastic and reconstructive surgery institute. Our aim is to be Thailand leading plastic and cosmetic surgery center.
Our philosophy as physicians, is to create a beauty for those who seek it. We will be their bridge in discovering new self-esteem and guiding path to determine the best appearance for them. We believe that plastic surgery is world wide accepted and must be performed by science and art. We as your surgeons will be the captain of your beauty journey, assuring you the best outcome. Trust your doctors, and you will never be astray.
We provide all types of cosmetic surgery, for face and body at our leading plastic and cosmetic surgery center located at the heart of Bangkok. Then we opened a new department for skin and body care which is supervised by our anti-aging doctor and dermatologist. Gradually welcomed the stem cell enriched procedure in combination with surgery. Until we extended our services for hair transplant by FUT, FUE and micropigmentation. With the cooperate of each doctor and good reputation, admirable referral from our patients - we amazingly became one of Thailand leading plastic surgery center in Bangkok.

DRK ศูนย์ศัลยกรรมครบวงจร

Our medical team serves as the aide throughout the process from prior to post surgery. Giving you the instructions and knowledge about the procedure you selected. DRK medical team assist you until you get better and can be on your own. We assure to administer your a sterile technique and aseptic environment and an infection control environment.


As our goal to be Thailand leading plastic and cosmetic surgery center performing an outstanding result on breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, Vshape face, double eyelid surgery, hair transplant and other facial surgeries. We are sincerely overwhelmed with our patients here in Thailand and even patients from foreign land who trust our service standard. Our non celebrity and celebrity patients have given us exemplary and first-rate reviews that's how we became incomparable and world-class in the eyes of many. Foreigner patients have been spreading supreme word of mouth and has reached so many countries such as Brazil, Puerto Rico, Australia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar,  Venezuela, France, Netherland, USA and Czech Republic.
To all our patients and will be patients in the future, to our business partners and JCI accredited affiliated hospitals, to those who impart us good relationship- we thank you all.

DRK Board Certified ศูนย์ศัลยกรรม

DRK’s standard is different

360 degree Total Care System

We take care of patients from the initial stage to post operative care of surgery. The safe anesthesia systems are also provided by specialists.

Cooperating System with JCI Accredited Hospitals

Joint Commission International is committed to their sole mission to improve patient safety and render excellent quality of health care, to guarantee the patient in receiving a highly qualified standard of service and security. They promote extreme standards of care and to implement solutions for attaining pinnacle performance.

Most accessible location

DRK is located in the heart of Bangkok, it is near the train station and just at the corner of the street. We are close to high-end restaurants, shopping malls and 5star hotels.

1:1 Personalized Medical service

Dedicated coordinators and specialists offer 1:1 personalized treatments to international patients VIP loung and single patient rooms are provided

High Quality Medical Service

Airport pick-up and our affliated hotel reservation services are offerd for DRK’s international patients. Our core purpose is to offer the best medical services available for customers.

Special staffs for patients from overseas.

Here we always have medical staffs who can speak various languages like English, Chinese.They are staffs who can thoroughly understand the culture and sentiments of patients from other countries.

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