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NOSE Surgery

The nose is one of the centers of attraction of the face, it is mostly the first to be noticed on one's attractiveness. People change the shape of the nose to repair after an injury, improve breathing, correct congenital defect and/or unhappy about the appearance of the nose.


In rhinoplasty procedure, it can change the size of the nose, the angle, straighten or reducing the bridge of the nose, reshape the nose tip and narrowing nostrils. All of this techniques will be done by BOARD CERTIFIED Plastics Surgeons at DRK. Rhinoplasty has to be perfect and natural. The main purpose of it is to give satisfaction to the patient.


The nose gives the medial balance of the whole facial structure. Enhancing and defining the shape of the nose will give a perfect dimension to the face for a beautiful look. 

DRK customizes silicone implant according to your preference and balance with your facial structure. A unique and permanent result!


The process of consultation will be thoroughly discussed between the surgeon and the patient with expected result. DRK surgeons customize the silicone to perfectly fit the patient's facial structure. 


Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty in medical term is a surgical procedure commonly minor operation for implant insertion or close rhinoplasty and major operation for open rhinoplasty for nasal bridge reduction. The requirement for the type of surgery relies on the nasal condition and the patient’s desired outcome.

Minor surgery rhinoplasty requires only local anesthesia to numb the nasal area and the surgeon will start to make incision to get an access to the nasal bridge and cartilage.  The incision will be hidden inside the nostrils to leave no visible scars after.

Usually Open rhinoplasty procedures are mosty major surgery which entreats general anesthesia as this procedure would be more likely aggressive. The incision is at the Columella   (middle cartilage dividing the nostrils) to have an access to the nasal bridge and cartilage. Expect to have a scar after the surgery, although the scar will be little and can be covered by some makeup and scar gel remedies.


The purpose of having nose surgery is to enhance and change the:

  • Nose size to achieve facial balance

  • Nasal bridge width will be either narrowed and/or curved

  • Redefine the nasal humps and depressions on the bridge

  • Reshape the nasal tip that appears bulbous, hooked or pointing upward or drooping.

  • Trimming wide and large nostrils

  • Adjusting asymmetric nose

  • Remodeling rhinoplasty

  • Reconstructive rhinoplasty for cleft condition or any nasal malformation due to congenital causes.

  • Correct a deviated septum


Preparing for your surgery

  • During the consultation, you must inform your doctor all the necessary information about your health history. If you have some allergies, complication from past surgeries if any, or taking any medications.

  • Stop smoking and drinking for at least 2 weeks before your surgery to promote faster and better healing process

  • Avoid taking aspirin or some anti-inflammatory drugs and supplements that can cause bleeding



**for minor surgery procedure of rhinoplasty it is usually in an outpatient basis where the patient can go back home on the same day after the surgery. Hence, if the case is done in major surgery, the patient will be required to stay one night in the hospital until his/her condition gets stabilized.**

Aftercare and Recovery Stage

  • You will have to wear plaster over your nose for 2-3 days.

  • Do not touch your incision area, unless you need it to be cleaned you must ask the nurse to clean it for you.

  • Keep the incision dry for 3 days

  • Removal of stitches can be 7-10days after the surgery. (Depends on what kind of stitches are being used)

  • Apply cold packs over the area for 2-3 days straight with 15-30mins duration and 30-60mins interval.

  • Expect some swelling and bruises, they will get better in a week

  • Take your prescribed home medications religiously.

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