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Nose Wing Reduction

The size of your nostrils can disturb you. Alarplasty aims to narrow nose wings. An external cut is made on the nose to make it smaller and proportion to the whole face. All the work is performed internally, leaving no visible scar to the face.

2 Techniques:

1. Cutting method

This type of alarplasty is tended to resolve the widening of the wings by cutting off a particular portion of the base of the nose wing.

The incision cut might be visible for a year but will gradually fade away over time.

2. Stitching method

A new invention of nasal wing reduction designed for a not too wide nose wing. A technique to give refining shape to the nose tip without resulting to having any scars. 

The surgeon will stitch together the nose wings inside the base of the nose. The suture will then keep the nose wings together and create a slimmer look. 

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