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Rhinoplasty with ear cartilage implant

Adding ear cartilage implant to your nose augmentation procedure will give a more natural result to your nose tip. 

The ear cartilage graft is extracted from the back of the ear. DRK surgeon carefully removes a tiny portion of ear cartilage at the back of an ear that is only necessary to augment to the nose silicone implant. The surgeon will then make sure that there will be no scar visible in the future.  

2 Techniques :

1. Close Rhinoplasty

This type of rhinoplasty technique for implant insertion is the most conventional method to enhance nasal bridge. Close rhinoplasty gets access to the nose through an incision in the inner nostril/s where the implant silicone and/or ear cartilage is to be inserted. 


The incision site leaves no visible scar to the patient, that's why it is the most preferable technique for nose augmentation.

2. Open Rhinoplasty

This procedure tends to enhance the definition of the entire nose, through implant insertion (silicone and/or ear cartilage), nasal bone reduction, and nose tip trimming. 


The incision cut is at the columella to create a free access to the nose completely. Its incision site is expected to be visible for about a year and will gradually dimish over time. 

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