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Nose Augmentation

This procedure is the most popular one in the world of plastic surgery in Thailand. A tall and beautifully shaped nasal or nose bridge has been extremely desirable amongst Asians, and we have all grown accustomed to this. Rhinoplasty is known more commonly as "nose job", have been deeply ingrained within Thai culture for over 50 years. It is an incredibly safe procedure, with DRK plastic surgeons being more innovative in their techniques and materials every day with aims of making the outcome appear as natural as possible.


Rhinoplasty silicone implant insertion for nose lift is the most advisable techniques to achieve a long lasting effect and no complication in the future. DRK surgeons use and trust only the silicon made in the USA as they have already tested and proven this brand for many years. They customize the implant and design it according to the patient's facial structure- assuring the most natural result and the best appearance it would give to the patient. 

Choose the Style you want!
Asian Rhinoplasty is the new trend style for a cute nose shape that definitely looks good to all women!

Be uniquely beautiful and confident in your own style. 

Male and Female Ideal Nose Line is different from each other. In order to create the perfect facial balance for each gender, DRK designed a nasal structure according to your gender and will customize the implant uniquely to fit perfectly to your facial structure.

Choosing the right type of nose implant and its quality is essential before deciding on doing a rhinoplasty procedure. The patient must know the shape of implant that will fit him/her best, either the I-shape or L-shape implant. S/He must have a thorough and sufficient assessment during the consultation with the doctor by using a technology that will guide and aid the patient to understand and choose the shape that s/he wants.


L-strut shape nose implant is sometimes recommended for those who have short and pointing down nose tip. The L-shape implant’s purpose it to give a lift and extend the nose tip giving it a higher and balance projection to the tip. Though for some doctor, this implant will most likely prone to complication in the future for the implant can look unnatural for its tip can be difficult to position in place leaving the nose to appear crooked. Although there is another best technique for nose tip implant, for a more natural and long lasting result. The i-shaped with ear cartilage double implant is the most recommended by the most experienced surgeon because this technique tends to create a more secured and no complication in the future. The i-shape implant alone is the most common and worldwide used by most surgeons. The purpose of applying i-shape implant is basically to give a higher and refined nose bridge.

The shaping of the silicone plays a very significant role in the overall process. The height, the width and the thickness or thinness of the silicone to be inserted in your nose will be the trace of your new nose bridge. The patient must see his/her silicone when it’s put inside and agree with it before the doctor will stitch and close up the incision on the operation day.

What to expect during the consultation:

  1. Accurate measurement of the original nose and the additional height and projection to be expected as the result after the surgery.

  2. Know the brand and the quality of the material of the implant or silicone to be used.

  3. Ask your surgeon where the implant is from and made of what kind of material.

  4. Having a simulation technology will be a major plus for your consultation. The 4D simulation will help you and the doctor discuss clearly the procedure and imagine the same desired and expected outcome. Although what you can see in the simulation picture will not be 100% copied in a real situation.

  5. If there is not 4d/3d simulation available in the facility, it is helpful if you provide a picture of your desired nose design, as this will serve as your surgeon to give an idea of what look you prefer to have.

  6. Learn about your procedure steps and how to take care of your silicone to make it prevent any complications in the future.

  7. Ask the clinic for any assurance of guaranteed during and after the rhinoplasty.

  8. Know the dos and don’ts before and after the surgery.

  9. Inform your doctor about your health condition.

Make sure you and your surgeon have a clear understanding of your procedure and expected result before you leave the room.

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