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Jaw Surgery

Welcome to the world of Korean Beauty by reshaping Jaw line to more refined and Vshaped.

DRK can make you look like the famous surgery done in Korea as the signature Asian beauty.

Our surgeons’ techniques are:
  1. Upper and Lower jaw repositioning

  2. Jaw reduction

  3. Jaw augmentation

  4. Jaw alignment

Surgical facial structure (Surgery of the jaw, protruding rods, sliding jaw) will help to enhance your self-image and boost the confidence. It also changes your daily routine particularly simple lifestyle:


  1. People who have difficulty chewing from the jawbone submitted or turn down.

  2. People who have difficulty speaking because of their teeth problem (not aligned).

  3. The problem of snoring from the jaw and moved closer to the back, making the airways narrower.

  4. Those that lose the confidence of the deformed face or jaw shapes unusually large short as chin, crooked jaw, too prominent jaws.


DRK surgeons’ cut jaw line to “V-Tech Korea” Style

This procedure is for those who want slimmer jaw to change the face angle to appear "V Shape" when looking at the face on front view. This look will give the first impression of “Korean Beauty”.


Sliding jaw surgery technique Korea (Read more)

Some patients have congenital cases that their jawbone is asymmetric, this caused them difficulty in speaking, chewing and will decrease their self-esteem. In some cases the chin are slanted or occlusal problems. This procedure is not only aesthetic purposes but also to help correct the patient’s burden and troublesome in daily living.


Reduction cheekbone smashed cheekbone

Surgery is suitable for people with high cheekbones. The cheekbone is a diamond shape that makes the person look fierce and stiff especially when older. The face will look infirm and too outmoded because of the reduction of collagen, and in diamond shaped face it makes the problem more noticeable by too prominent cheekbones. Surgery to correct this problem, DRK surgeons will correct cheekbone and through spinning technique to cut into the L-shaped cheekbones and make the face look smaller every angle, both side and front.


Achieve the signature Asian Look “V-shaped” and Korean famous “V-Line” faced By DRK Board Certified surgeons in Thailand and Germany using Korean techniques without needing to fly to Korea.


When talking about jaw surgery to reshape and refine their jaw lines, many people think of flying to do jaw surgery as far as Korea. In Thailand, jawsurgery is not famous in other establishments, but we are proud to introduce you in DRK our specialized surgeons for Jaw surgery which are both recognized around the world - Dr. Chanchai and Dr. Kolawach are the best surgeons to chance your appearance for a lifetime.


Jaw surgery (Upper and lower jaw surgery, Jaw reduction and Jaw augmentation) is done by high standard medical surgical team expert in Jaw surgeryand assisted by anesthesiologist and OR nurses in a JCI accredited hospital.


Patients will be closely monitored, we make sure that their concerns will be addressed properly and no communication difficulty because the surgeonswere specialized abroad and in the country. DRK surgeons assure you the easiest and fastest recovery period.

The medical professionals in DRK Medical Group joined to develop surgical facial structure.


Dr. Kolawach Laochaisri Top rated Plastic Surgeon Dental Medicine Siriraj 2542 and Dr. Chanchai W.D.D.S  a Dentist and oral maxillofacial surgeon, an expert on dental work and abnormalities in jawbones.


Both surgeons have surgical experience more than 10,000 cases under the technical team work with a team of anesthesiologists and surgical staff of facial structure, to consult the planning, design, and implement the case to adjust image of faces by jaw surgery.


Jaw surgery is formulated by sequences planning completed from start up to finished procedure under close supervision by a team of medical specialists at the DRK.

Innovation jaw surgery (Upper and lower jaw surgery, protruding teeth, sliding jaw) using Korean techniques.


  1. DRK uses 3DCT Scan to determine the structures under the skin and to see the contours of the upper and lower jaw. Through innovative computerization the results of X-ray with 3DCT scan with contrast are more conventional  than typical X-ray images, 3DCT scan help doctors pinpoint 3000 as the nerves clearly. By this technology the surgeons will be able to can prevent damaging the nerve and can secure maximum face surgery.​

  2. After the patient does 3DCT Scan the data is sent to the 3D model (Rapid phototype) by specialized software, which is a 3D model. Patient’s face simulated by actual model to project a medical Simulation Model for the surgery of the patient, from before surgery may actually be the surgeons’ based of shape for the patient. For best results, plan surgeries through joint planning with the patient.

3. The patient undergone surgery by a team of specialists in the field of neurosurgery, oral surgery, and jaw surgery by DRK medical team.

Most Asians have less prominent bones in maxillofacial

or mandibular structure than the Caucasians or Hispanics. With less jaw bone or maxilla is more likely pushed backwards or not properly aligned, the appearance of the person looks enervated could be unappealing. The best alternative to this condition is jaw surgery.

Jaw surgery, is a medical or cosmetic surgery to correct and reconstruct deformities from accidents, disease or congenital occurrences. Nowadays, in cosmetic world Jaw Surgery is done by people who have small or pushed back maxilla or mandible. In some cases, other patients who has extreme pushed forward maxilla or chin. Jaw surgery operational procedure is done inside the mouth by cutting some parts of the jawbones and properly aligned them to a more balance and correct position. Once the surgeons assured the right positioning they will secure the jawbone by screwing and insert bone plates to stabilized and anchor the jawbone.

In other cases of jaw surgery, the jawbones are not enough to fill out the less prominent bones so the surgeon will have to provide extra bone from other parts of the body that is qualified and safe to support the procedure. The surgeon will transfer from the ribs, hip or leg and anchor it with temporary wires. 

Normally, prior doing a jaw surgery the patient must seek orthodontist to get braces for their teeth alignment for about 18-20 months until the orthodontist and jaw plastic surgeon will advised them that they are ready to do jaw surgery. Once the patient totally recovered and healed from jaw surgery, their orthodontist will advise them to wear the braces for more couple of months.

Jaw surgery operation will have no scars around the maxilla or chin area because this procedure is done inside the mouth. The operation will be performed in the hospital and requires admission for 24 to 48 hours of stay for close monitoring. When the patient is advised for discharge, he/she will have few visits with the surgeon for follow up check and the total recovery procedure will take 4-6 weeks.


There are three types of Jaw Surgery operational procedure:​

  1. Upper Jaw surgery

  2. Lower Jaw surgery

  3. Upper and lower Jaw surgery

1. Upper Jaw surgery or Maxillary Osteotomy is performed to correct recede maxilla area, crossbite, open bite and teeth are less or more protrude.

Upper jaw surgery operation procedure is performed by cutting some parts of the bone above the teeth which is below the eye sockets so the that entire maxilla bone and area including the palate will be able to move as one part, that’s the time the surgeon will align either forwardly or backwardly until it is properly proportioned to the lower teeth or the mandible. The surgeon will secure the jawbone by screwing it and place plates to anchor the bone to its proper position.

In open bite cases, the bones grow above the molars thus causes angled surface which should normally be flat. In this condition, when the patient bites, the molars touch but the scissor teeth do not. In this case, the surgeon will most likely remove the excess bone or shove it away.

2. Lower jaw surgery or mandibular osteotomy is performed to correct receded or prominent lower jaw.

Lower jaw surgery operation procedure is done by cutting some parts of bones behind the molars alongside down the jawbone, to give all mandible area moves as one organ. The surgeon will aligned proportionately to the maxilla bone to create better appearance. Then the surgeon will secure the mandible by screwing and place plates to anchor it perfectly.

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