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Forehead Augmentation

Forehead augmentation has been popular in Korea, China and Asian countries such as Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines etc.


Why do Forehead Augmentation?

Others may think that having forehead augmentation is a rare cosmetic procedure, but in most people they understand that the forehead must be balance with the whole face. It is common for some Asians or even Caucasians have deep and hollow foreheads that give them the weird and old look. The face has three divisions, 1/3 for forehead, 1/3 for eyes and nose area and 1/3 for lips and chin area. These divisions have to be proportionate to each other to create a balance feature for the whole face as the total. This is the perfect beauty that everyone's after. 



There are two techniques for forehead augmentation.

1. By Implant, surgery employs a highly customized synthetic implant placed just above the bone and introduced through several incisions hidden in the hair of the scalp.

The advantage of this method include;

A custom-prepared silicone implant requires only a single operation to yield a permanent result.


2. By fat grafting, surgery employs your own fat as a natural method of volume up


The advantage of this method include;

Less down time comparing to implant silicone technique.

Two techniques in doing Forehead Augmentation

Forehead Silicon Implant VS. Fat Filler


The two approaches have different strengths. It should be based on each person's forehead looks to get the most performance.


If the forehead is flat and narrowed, it is best to use silicon implant technique. DRK surgeons can customized the silicon according to the patient’s facial structure to get the most natural and desired result. In case that the patient wants to add more volume, she/he can add some fat filler on areas appropriately.


Silicon implant technique outcome looks more natural than Fat filler. Fat filler result somehow unpredictable and can cause dimpling to the forehead. Though it can be use only for small amount to fill in narrow space on the forehead.   


Process for Forehead Augmentation: 


> You need to do CT SCAN to assess the facial structure precisely. The result from the CT SCAN will also serve as the basis of your actual 4D image of facial bone structure. 

>The actual 4D facial bone will serve as the basis of your surgery and the shape of the implant to be inserted. After measuring the shape of the implant, you will have a 4D simulation in the computer to let you see the expected result after doing the forehead surgery. In such way, you can discuss with the surgeon your desired outcome thoroughly. 

Forehead Augmentation will be done by Dr. Chanchai and Dr. Kolawach. Both board certified plastic surgeon and has studied in the best medical schools in Thailand, The forehead augmentation surgery will be done in the JCI accredited hospital that DRK is affiliated. In which we guarantee your 100% safety. You will stay in the hospital for a night to monitor you closely, you can discharge from the hospital as soon as the doctor see's your health is stable and ready to go back home. 

Forehead augmentation incision technique at DRK by Dr. Chanchai and Dr. Kolawach. This technique is more convenient and no complication after the surgery. Unlike the old style of forehead augmentation incision site is done coronal incision which leaves a visible scar to the patients scalp. 

DRK's forehead incision technique can be easily hidden by many hair style. Which will give more confidence to the patient because the augmentation will look natural. 
DRK use customized silicon implant by our specialized surgeon and the silicon is made in the USA. The quality of the silicon is the best among any other brands.

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