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Endotine Ribbon Lift

The newest approach of lifting the neck and jowl, and sculpting the face in a less invasive procedure. 





Do you consider rejuvenation through skin lifting?


It is normal for people to loss the skin laxity and definition of their lower face, especially when a person is aging or even for some younger people who have genetically loose facial skin. By these reasons, the skin will sag and look out of shape. Fortunately, this condition can be corrected, aesthetic world have innovated many procedure and devices to tighten loose skin and lift the sagged ones. 


Surgically speaking, methods for lifting the face can be ranging from short-lived treatments such as barbed sutures, to single-point sutures to hold soft tissue in its new position. 


Now, Endotine Ribbon Lift method is created to rejuvenate the face in a less invasive procedure. 
















What is Endotine Ribbon Lift?


Endotine Ribbon lift is the most innovative procedure created by plastic surgeons specialized in neck, jowl and face rejuvenation. It features a new tissue-holding device called the Endotine Ribbon that holds the tissues of the neck and jowl in a more elevated, youthful position. Its flexibility component can accommodate all skin type and shape and mold readily to angular and soft facial contours. 


Endotine Ribbon encompasses a thin and flexible material with multiple tissue-holding points that secures the neck and jowl profile in just the right position. Endotine ribbon will be absorbed naturally as the reposition tissues binds fully to its new surrounding tissues. And you profile remains in the improved position. 


Endotine implants are made from a substance called polylactic acid, which is produced from plant materials to create a bio-plastic substance that dissolves naturally and is then completely absorbed by the body thus rejuvenates the face and leaves you with a refreshed look.



Advantage of Endotine Ribbon Lift


  • Lifts and shapes the lower face effectively

  • Improved results in both minimally invasive procedure and conventional surgery

  • Provides the surgeon an enhanced level of control over the aesthetic results

  • Ribbon implant continues to work while healing takes place

  • Can be absorbed naturally by the body



How is Endotine Ribbon Lift performed?


The Endotine Ribbon Lift is a less invasive procedure requiring an hour or so. It could also be part of a conventional facelift strategy that may take an extra hour for the said procedure. DRK surgeon will address the procedure taking into consideration that every individual has a unique facial structure. 


For stand-alone minimally invasive ribbon lift

  1. The surgeon will make a small, undetectable incision in the hairline or behind the ear. 

  2. Through the small incision, the surgeon creates a space between the skin and deeper tissues. 

  3. As the ribbon is inserted, the tissue-holding points are then placed in the deeper tissue- thus allowing the surgeon to elevate, shape, tighten and sculpt the tissues beneath the skin.

  4. After the surgeon has achieved the desired effect or position of the ribbon, the surgeon sutures the opposite end of the Endotine ribbon to strong underlying tissue. 

  5. There might be a possibility or no instances that any excess skin is removed, then the surgeon will now close the incision with fine sutures. 


For conventional Ribbon Lift 

  1. The surgeon will make a small incision beginning above the hairline near the temples and extending in a natural line across the front of the ear and then behind the earlobe. 

  2. The skin will then be separated from the fat and muscle and then the surgeon will tighten the underlying tissues with Endotine ribbon in the neck and jowl areas.





























What to expect after Endotine Ribbon Lift procedure?


  • Temporary bruising and swelling may take place normally after the procedure. The doctor may require you to wear soft elastic garment over the face to help minimize the swelling. 

  • Avoid neck rotation and strenuous activity for about 5-10 days to help you heal more quickly.

  • The result of new look will begin to emerge within the first 2 weeks after Endotine ribbon lift procedure.

  • Final result should be evident within a few months. 


DRK provides a high quality procedure that ensure you 100% safety and sterile technique of operation. Plus our specialized surgeon of Endotine Ribbon Lift guarantees an effective result without harm nor complications to you.  Loss of contour, visibility, and/or palpability (being able to feel the device beneath the skin), while possible, are infrequent with the Ribbon Lift. It is important to discuss potential complication with the surgeon during consultation and remember to follow the surgeon’s  post operative instructions to avoid risks and complications. 

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