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Chin augmentation

The chin has a prominent role in establishing facial symmetry and aesthetics. With the nose, it can determine facial balance, especially through its relationship to the face in profile. Surgeons have recognized this for many years, and combination procedures involving rhinoplasty and genioplasty are common. The chin defines the character of the face and, perhaps, the person; a long chin has been associated with strength and power, whereas a short chin portrays weakness.

Understanding Chin Augmentation Surgery​

Chin augmentation surgery is a relatively simple process that involves making an incision directly above the bone and creating a pocket in which the implant may be placed.  The incision may be made inside the mouth or under the chin.  While making the incision inside the mouth helps to reduce the appearance of scarring, this method does increase the chance of developing an infection.  Regardless of the method used, chin implant surgery generally takes one to two hours to complete and patients often remain in the hospital or surgical center for 30 minute following the surgery.

In other techniques, surgeons do not apply the screw technique. But DRK surgeons use the screw technique to secure the implant in place and position it properly without any chance that it can be dislocate and moved out of its destined place. This technique are done by expert plastic surgeons of DRK assuring the best result for the patient. The insertion of implant is from the inside of the mouth (intra-oral) at lower-front part of the gums/chin area. This gives much natural result and no scar visible from the outside, and incision in the inside could get healed easily. Safe and satisfaction guranteed to the patient, giving them permanent and high quality silicon (Made in USA) for balance and natural looking chin. 



CHIN AUGMENTATION: Takes approximately 30-45 minutes 


After chin augmentation , swelling and discoloration are resolved in 1 week to 10 days. Normal activities can be resumed immediately and full contact sports can be re-introduced after 6 weeks. Stitches are ABSORBABLE, which means there's no need to go back at the clinic for removal of sutures.


In 2 days, the patient must eat soft food to make it comfortable when eating. 


DRK will give the patient a compressive face garment to be worn for 2-3 days to reduce the swelling. Apart from that, the patient will be given anti-swelling medicines, antibiotics and painkiller good for one week. 


Follow ups: First visit of the patient will be on the third (3rd) day after the operation to check the chin area. Second visit will be at the seventh (7th) day after the surgery to make sure that there is no present infection and the patient must be well to go back to their country. If the patient lives nearby, his/her visit will be after 2 weeks then one month. 

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