New Eye shape, the Almond Eyes are the best feature of my face so far! Double eyelid surgery by DRK

Changing the shape of the eyes definitely gives the face a different glow. The newest eye shape by DRK is the "Almond Eyes" that creates a beautiful glow thus makes the eyes look bigger and brighter.

For girls, the eyes are one of the most important asset of the face, since the eyes give the expression of a person. When we apply our makeup, we put emphasize on our eyes, putting on some eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyelashes and so forth just so our eyes will glow. But without the makeup, the insecurities set in.

It was not easy to put on makeup every single day just so I could look beautiful. Though it could be fun but sometimes it's not convenient at all especially when I'm in a hurry and when I wanted to look natural and simple.

That's why I decided to make it permanent by undergoing a Double Eyelid surgery. There could be a lot of techniques and procedures to achieve a double eyelid result but I wanted something that would give a different beautiful glow on my eyes.

DRK has different techniques in achieving a well-defined and clear eyelid. During my consultation, I pleaded to the doctor what kind of eyes I wanted and he gave me the advice of having an Almond-shaped eyes because it will look good and harmonize with my whole facial structures.

***Same day After Double Eyelid Surgery***

The operation (double eyelid) was as easy as getting a haircut! I mean, the operation was painless and quick. Pain-free because the anesthesia works very well and the doctor's hands are very skillful and gentle. It took less than an hour to finish the operation.

It's also easy to take care of the wound (incision), to help reduce the swelling faster, apply a cold compress (ice pack) around or over it very gently. Apply the ointment as prescribed and take the antibiotics and other meds.

***1 day after Double Eyelid surgery***

***3 days after Double Eyelid surgery***

The swelling starts to subside at this point although there are little bruises around the incision wound. But it's not painful as you think it is. I just have to wait a little more days to get it completely cleared up.

***5 days after Double Eyelid surgery***

***6 days after Double Eyelid surgery***

***7 days after Double Eyelid surgery***

Safe and fast recovery indeed! in just 1 week I can really say that I am healed! The wound is closed, no bleeding, no more swelling, no bruises and no pain! No complication nor infection! I am so relieved that I can go out and be back on my normal routine!

Look at the Almond-shaped eyes! I love how it changes my glow! I feel young and beautiful! Now, I don't have to put on a lot of makeup on my eyes because the double eyelid is so clear and defined that it expresses my inner beauty.

Thank you DRK for this wonderful experience and extra beautiful result!


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