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Fuller Fat grafting Heart Shape Fat Graft by DRK creates a sexier and more balance face contour for

Fat Grafting

Heart Shape Fat Graft by DRK creates a sexier and more balance face contour for women.

A new method for fat filler is upgraded fat refining system that makes the fat finer and

accurately injected into the face for the precise result. Plus with the stem cell enriched

formula there's a higher survival rate for more long lasting effect and permanent result.

Hi everyone, for those who have problems with hollowed faces, l deep eye bags, and

uneven forehead, my makeover story might help you get an idea about your desired look

in the future.

I was troubled with my unbalanced facial features before, as I have mentioned my face

was hollowed, the nasolabial area which is known as the laugh line was too deep which

made me look 10years older than my age including the deepness of my upper cheeks as well.

My under eyes were too deep which gives the look of tiredness and sleepy all the time. I

always get the criticism from people that I look exhausted and lack of sleep.

That’s why I decided to do cosmetic procedure…

I did a research painstakingly but all I get it surgery. I want to make it look natural without

inserting implants or foreign substances into my face. I want to have a quick result t

through natural way.

I talked to other surgeons around and they all advised me to do filler or implant, but it

wasn’t the procedure I am comfortable of doing.

Luckily, I found DRK. There are lots of celebrities doing all kinds of beauty procedures with them and continues doing for more.

Fat Grafting

I decided to improve my look through fat grafting. It is a way of filling in my narrowed lines and unbalanced features by my own fat.

Dr. Beer explained to me fairly how the procedure is going to be. He will extract adequate fat from my thighs and portions of it will undergo in a process of centrifuge for instilling stemcell to the fat to be filled into my face.

Fat Grafting

** before I had fat graft with Dr. Beer**

My face looks very flat on that photo.

Narrowed face somehow gives a person an older look. My preferred facial contour is a plump cheeks and prominent forehead to give me a younger look.

Fat Grafting

** before I had fat graft with Dr. Beer**

My under eyes are too deep, which gives me tired look and also makes me look older. I also have unwanted laugh lines that’s too deep.

I wanna look younger, because aging is never attractive. I lose confidence because I look older than my age.

The only answer to my problem is DRK. And I am very excited to do beauty makeover with Dr. Beer.

Fat Grafting

**before and after comparison after I did fat graft filler on my cheeks, under eyes, forehead and nasolabial lines.**

Fat Grafting

I healed very fast without any terrible swelling and bruises on my face. I can even go out without worrying that people would see my face, because I have no signs of doing my cosmetic surgery.

Plus, no complications after the surgery. Why? Because I have no foreign substance inserted on my body. My very own fat and stem cells are the safest solution to get an augmentation procedure.

Moreover, DRK facilities and medical personnel are very professional by securing and assuring the best service and infection-free technique to me.

Fat Grafting

I am the happiest girl in the world now! I am very satisfied with the result I got from fat graft.

I have achieved the look that I’ve desired all along, and now I look younger as ever!

My friends and relatives are all surprised and happy with the outcome I had, and new people I met all said that I don’t look like my age- because I look so much younger! 555

Fat Grafting

It is the confidence that made me look beautiful, and what made me feel confident is DRK’s magic hands.

Thanks to my beauty maker Dr. Beer for making my dream come true, to become younger. Your advice and technique surely did change my life to a better happy one.

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