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Protruding ears or Bat Ears


Protruding ear or “Otapostasis” known as bat ear is a condition of a person with an excessive prominent ears approximately more than 35 degrees wider or spread out. This could subject to a judgment from people with a cultural bias. A person with protruding ears is often the target of undesirable comparison to comical characters or simply subject of bullying. Thus this condition could cause insecurity of a child growing and will lead to lack of self-confidence. Though this ear profusion does not affect the ear canal nor affect the hearing of the person.


  1. There is no crease around Antihelix fold which is found to be the most common cause.

  2. The Concha is too large or more than normal causing the ears to spread out.


  1. Non-surgical treatment: by wearing a splint in the ear but must be done quickly after birth, not more than 5 days, but if over, then the result will be reduced.

  2. Surgical treatment: The doctor will wait for the patient to reach the age of 6 years in order to maximize the growth of the ear.

(2.1) Create a crease at Antihelix

(2.2) Stitch the Concha close to the head

Postoperative care:

  1. Patients can do with local anesthesia. Or may require anesthesia in the case of a child. And can go home the same day.

  2. The patient must put the head band to fasten the ear for 3 months to reduce the risk that the ear will spread in the same position.

  3. Ice pack and watch for wounds from papules, infections (by doctors).

  4. Take the prescribe medicines regularly.


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