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ANGELIC EYES like a SAINT by Dr. Kolawach

Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery enhances the upper crease of the eyes to give it a better definition for a more attractive and expressive look.

Hi everyone, my name is Sophia. Some of you might know me or seen me around, I’m MISS MAXIM 2016. First and foremost, I would like to say thanks to those who voted for me to get this position.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery

Being in the spotlight needs perfection, when it comes to figure of your face and body. That’s one of the reasons why you keep in there. I am not afraid to tell my fans and people the things that I’ve changed in my body. I am very straightforward about it, because I am happy with the changes in me.

And now, I am sharing with you my experiences in doing plastic surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

Since my upper eyelids are not in proper creased, and that leaves my eyes look old, tired and boring.

During my shows or photoshoots, I need to put cosmetic eyelid paste on my upper eyes just so it would define the crease and get rid of the dull look on my eyes.

Aside from that, I needed to put a lot of makeup for my photoshoots to cover the cosmetic eyelid.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery

As we all know, plastic surgery is growing in the country (Thailand), but not all of surgeons are well experienced nor specialized with a particular plastic surgery procedure.

I am lucky to have found DRK in the website because of many celebrities here and in Laos representing them as “Beauty Maker”. It got me really curious and amazed at the same time. So I look them up on their website and check doctors background, Dr. Kolawach has a very outstanding experience and profile, he has many awards and seminars in around the world.

The feedback reviews from his patients are incredibly fascinating! I checked the makeover transformations and it was astounding! The before and after photos and videos on YOUTUBE.

Double Eyelid Surgery

My consultation with Dr. Kolawach was very informative and comprehensible. He explained to me the procedure that he will perform for my double eyelid. He will create a natural looking crease and he measured the length and height of the crease.

If you would like to see my procedure, pls kindly click the link below:



On the day of my operation, the nurses prepared me carefully for my operation. Cleaned my face, change my clothes to OR suit, and infused the IV into me. Everything was so professional, I felt secured and didn’t feel nervous at all.

After my operation, I rested for a couple of minutes in the RECOVERY room at DRK. The recovery room was so relaxing like in a hospital and hotel.

When I was feeling better, I went back home and continue my rest.

**Day 1**

Don’t be scared or shocked guys, I’m lucky I didn’t bleed. and No terrible bruises and swelling. Plus the incision wound is closed.

Double Eyelid Surgery

**Day 2**

A bit bruise and swelling, but that’s normal. The good thing is, there’s no sign of complications or infection.

Double Eyelid Surgery

**Day 4**

It’s not bruising anymore! I can go out and meet my friends!!

Double Eyelid Surgery

**1 WEEK**

No makeup! AMAZING! my upper eyelids looks normal now! The incision wound is close and no sign of infection.

It looks so natural and beautiful!

Double Eyelid Surgery

My result is very impressive and incredible, the shape of my eyes turned magnificently like an ANGEL! So cute and alluring!

Not just that, my recovery was fast and comfy, NO PAIN, NO BLEEDING and NO SCAR!

Double Eyelid Surgery

I don’t have to wear heavy eye makeups and no more cosmetic eyelid plastic.

I look like an Angel like my friends told me! Also some of them said I look like a half Korean and half Brazilian because of my eyes! I am so happy to get all these compliments! My confidence just boosted more! 55555

Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery

For those who would like to improve the expression of your eyes, from DULL to DOLLY, I highly recommend DRK. Because I have witness it myself, and the result that I got changes my life better.

I am truly thankful for Dr. Kolawach as my Beauty Maker, he is indeed the best plastic surgeon in Thailand for me! I would surely come back for more beauty makeovers!

Double Eyelid Surgery

As my eyes become wonderful, my confidence about myself also changes. And that gives me more invitations from many media and they loved my photoshoots.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Thank you so much Dr. Kolawach for making me beautiful!

Guys, come at DRK. It is very close to the BTS! Very accessible to drive too! It is located at Ekkamai 3 Sukhumvit 63.

The clinic is very cozy and clean, it feels like hotel and hospital all together in one. Also they have strict sterile technique in the operating room, and the system is very properly organized.

All DRK staff are kind, so once you go there, you will feel very welcomed and like a VIP!

Thank you for reading my review! Until next time! ^^

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