Upgrade your Asian beauty by enhancing the Eye shape and slimming the cheeks!

Most Asian dream is to enhance the shape of the eyes, from monolid or single eyelid to double eyelid which brings the eyes a bigger and brighter look. The eyes plays a big role in giving the face an expression since the eyes are the mood setter of a person. If the eyes look tired and dull, it also gives the person the same impression. That's why most girls focus their makeover in their eyes.

On the other aspect of beauty, VSHAPE face is growing its popularity because of the Korean Style Beauty. The VSHAPE face gives the face a slender or slimmer look. It makes the person look sexy by its slim figure.

That's why, I chose to have Double Eyelid and Buccal Fat removal surgery at the same time. DRK is one of the most reputable plastic surgery clinic in the country. They have specialized surgeons, and outstanding feedback from patients.

My Double Eyelid and Buccal Fat Removal operation were taken place in DRK OR facility which is very relaxing and securing. They have the best innovative technology to support the operations and the medical staff are all experienced and licensed to assist the doctor. It took for about an hour and half to finish the operation and I had to rest at their luxurious recovery room till I am alright to go back home and continue my rest.

On the first day after double eyelid and buccal fat removal, I have to wear the facial garment for 3 days to help reduce swelling. The eye incision is okay because there's no bleeding. I have to apply cold compress around it.

Eye stitches are very smooth, the doctor said that once it is healed it would look like a natural crease double eyelid. I am very excited to see the final result. As of now, it's normal that it's still swelling. I have to wait for few more days till the swollen will subside completely.

4th day after double eyelid and buccal fat removal. No more facial garment and the eye swelling begin to collapse. At this moment, I feel no more pain nor discomfort in the area. I am relieved that I had no bleeding during the first critical days. The stitches in my eyes and inner cheeks are already closed.

1 week after! Look at my eyes! I love it! Although there's still very little swollen but I can see the shape looks very pretty! And also my cheeks, it starts to shape like a V! My doctor said I have to wait more to see it's optimum result, but this is so amazing already I can tell!

My friends and family are very happy to see the beautiful changes in my look. The double eyelid and its new shape gives me the brighter glow. No more sleepy, tired and dull looking eyes. Plus the VSHAPE face gives me the slender look. No more chubby cheeks or fatty face, I have grow confidence with my new look!

Thank you so much DRK for making my dream beauty in to reality! I am very satisfied with the result and I will look forward to do more beauty makeover sooner! ^^

#doubleeyelid #Vshape #buccalfatremoval

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