Safest and Fastest way to look like your favorite KPOP Idol! VShape Face for Men through Buccal Fat

Korean look is the top most loved and looked up my most Asians, both female and male. This is because the Korean beauty gives a soft and adorable features of the face, thus represents the Asian beauty. For men like me, VSHAPE face gives a chiseled masculine face because by this it creates a slender look and gives emphasis to the jawline and jawbone.

Buccal fat removal is the best way to achieve the Slender VSHAPE face is the concern is having a chubby cheeks. This cosmetic procedure tends to remove the buccal fat pad that’s is biologically normal in all human being. This buccal fat pad usually is developed for young kids and gradually disappears as one gets older. But for some people, the buccal fat pad just don’t disappear.

I chose DRK for my desired transformation because first they have specialized surgeon for this operation.They have good reputation and their patients have good feedbacks from their outcome.

The consultation with DRK surgeon is very easy to comprehend. The doctor see to it that I have a full understanding on the operation and what to expect after. How to take care of my face and how long should I wait to get the optimum result. I am very impressed with the explanation and the process of it all.

The buccal fat removal surgery was taken place in DRK center operating room. The OR is very clean and with highly innovative technologies. The medical staff and nurses are very assistive, they prepared me carefully and monitored my vitals to make sure that I am perfectly well for the operation.

It took about an hour to finished and yes it was painless and comfortable. It seemed like I didn’t have any surgery at all. The local anesthesia is very effective, and BLOODLESS technique helped everything a lot easier. The incision is inside the cheeks and so the stitches will not be shown on the face. Since the incision wound is inside, I have to eat soft food and avoid hot food and beverages. I have to use a mouthwash when cleaning the mouth and wear the face garment for 3 days (24hours) then can wear it at night time for 2 weeks.

On the 4th day, I can remove the facial garment now. You can see that obviously the face is still swollen. But it’s okay, that’s normal. Surprisingly, there’s no bruises and the incision wound is already closed.

The 5th day is better, I can feel that the swelling is starting to subside. I can eat normal food now and can brush my teeth as usual. No more pain on the cheeks. Although I still have to wait for a few more days till the swelling will totally disappear.

It’s been a week! I come to DRK for a follow up and soooo good to hear that nothing is alarming. Stitches are gone, wound is totally closed. No complication, no infection, no irritation! I am very relieved that my recovery days are over and now I can officially go back to my normal routine!

Two weeks after buccal fat removal and I can see the result! It’s amazing! The doctor said the optimum result will be seen on the 3rd MONTH! But you see, on this very early I am seeing a good result already! super WOW! I am very satisfied with my new look! THE VSHAPE FACE is real!!!

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