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Chin Augmentation and Cheek Reduction for Ultimate VShape Face!

VShape face one of the most popular beauty style for Asians nowadays. Mostly females want to achieve the slim cheeks because it makes them look sexy! The chin prominence helps to shape up the V contour and balance the whole facial ratio.

To achieve the VShape face, one factor that needs to be done is to make the face slender by getting rid of the unwanted fat in the cheek. The buccal fat removal surgery by DRK removes the buccal fat pad underlying the cheek area.

To enhance the chin prominence to obtain Vshape face, chin augmentation is one of the best procedure to create a balanced facial ratio. DRK's technique using a titanium screw technique to secure the implant in place.



My insecurities lies on my weak chin, it gives me a short face. It doesn't balance to my whole facial structure. Plus since I wanted to have a VSHAPE face, one important improvement must be enhancing the chin prominence. Second concern is the chubby face. I wanted to get rid of my cheek fats so I could look slimmer.

***1 DAY AFTER Chin Augmentation & Buccal Fat Removal***


Not much swelling and bruises! No bleeding from the inside wound as well! Though it's still tender and minimum pain, I'm just glad that I didn't have problem with the wound and the physical reaction of my face from the surgery. I just have to take more rest, take my meds, apply cold packs and continue to wear the face bandage.

***3 DAYS AFTER Chin Augmentation and Buccal Fat Removal***


Swollen starting to subside and this time there is less pain. After today, I can remove the bandage and can freely go out and meet my friends! It's amazing that the recovery time is very fast and comfortable in a sense that I didn't have trouble with the wound and the bruises and no terrible swelling.

***1 WEEK AFTER Chin Augmentation and Buccal Fat Removal***


Comparison of my before and after result from Chin Augmentation and Buccal Fat Removal. The chin prominence gives a big difference from before the surgery. I can really see the improvement of my chin and how it changes the shape of the whole face.


My cheeks is now slender! My friends tell me that I have a VShape face and that really makes me so happy! As of now, the cheeks will continue to get slimmer by the day until 3 months to see the final result.


I am very thankful to DRK for giving me the hope and making my dreams come true!

No complications, no infections, fast recovery and safe procedure!

The facilities are highly maintained and total quality managed. The staff are very friendly and assistive, plus the doctor is well-experienced and skillful in performing the surgery. I definitely give them 10 stars!


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