>> Symmetric and Proportional Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach <<

Correction Rhinoplasty for a shapely well-formed symmetric nose and achieve perfect nose dimension.

Hello everyone, I'm Ploy. I am here to share with you how I gain back my confidence after redoing my nose lift with Dr. Kolawach.

I did revision rhinoplasty because my previous nose job from other clinic had a deviated complication, meaning the silicone implant got slanted to the side.

Of course this result is very disappointing and it made me look so fake. People can really tell that I had surgery on my nose, and the look and outcome made it so unnatural.

I have lost my confidence even more before I had my first rhinoplasty.

You can observe in the photo above that my nose is more slanted to the right, and there's a hallow or dent at the upper part in the middle of the eyes.

This outcome has given me so much disappointments. I cannot go out with new people, I only surround myself with close friends. I don't take photos of myself because I feel frustrated and sad when I see my slanted nose.

I want to end the struggle of this nose, and I want to gain my confidence back again. So I looked for the best surgeon in Thailand to do the revision rhinoplasty for me.

I was lucky to discover DRK Beauty clinic, and I chose Dr. Kolawach as my Ultimate Beauty Maker. I believe that he will give me the result that I wanted!

His profile, experience and background is excellent! the reviews from his patients are also remarkable! Everyone was very happy and satisfied with their results!

So do you see the problem of my nose up there. The silicone implant got slanted or deviated.

Dr. Kolawach promised to correct it for me. He will also customize a very good design of my implant to give me a better dimension and a natural look.

The shape of my new implant will be fit to my facial structure and he will make sure that the implant will be securely in the center of my nasal bridge.

** Comparison of my before and after. 1 week later after my Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach ** You see the difference now. I am happy that Dr. Kolawach were able to correct my case successfully.

** 5 days after my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach **

**2 weeks after my revision rhinoplasty**

It's been more than a month ago, and I cannot express in complete words how magnificent my life has changed after my revision rhinoplasty with DRK.

I do things happier and livelier than ever. My friends told me that I look so different in a very admiring way. They are very amazed with my transformation, because of my new nose, I become more confident and my mood is always positive.

I can now confidently meet new people and take photos anywhere anytime.

I will always be thankful with Dr. Kolawach for making me look so beautiful and changing my life forever.

Everyone is true about what they said about him, he is an expert in plastic surgery field and we made the right decision for choosing him as our Beauty Maker.

Special thanks to DRK team for taking care of me everyday! Making my recovery days easier and being so kind to me.

See you again very soon! I will surely come back for more beauty revelation! Stay tuned! ^^

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