How to be Korean in one cosmetic surgery? The VShape Face from DRK can make it happen!

Why do some women want to achieve the Korean beauty? it's because it makes a girl look pretty with a standard. Korean beauty standards have slim figure, small face, v-shaped jaw, small lips, straight eyebrows, flawless skin, and larger eyes.

I've decided to do have cosmetic surgery because I wanted to achieve the Korean beauty standard by having a Vshape face. My chin before surgery is short and straight. Straight in a way that in side view angle, the mouth or lips down to the chin is just straight line. I wanted to have a projection of chin to create a balance ratio and by adding a volume it also give me the Vshape look.

***2 days after Chin Augmentation***

DRK technique on Chin Augmentation is with screw technique to secure the implant in place permanently regardless how rigid or strenuous your activity will be. DRK uses a chin implant made in the USA with many variations of sizes and shapes to suit the face. Aside from that, DRK surgeon will also shape it personally to your chin. The incision is inside the chin to leave no scar thus making it look natural.

After a week, I was able to go out and meet my friends. I am back to my normal routine. It was difficult for me during the recovery days. In the first 3 days, I have to wear a facial garment to wrap over my face to reduce swelling faster. After that, the swelling started to subside and the incision wound already closed.

After 10 days I can see the difference on my face. The prominence of my chin creates a Vshape face look like Korean... Moreover, the fact that recovered completely from chin augmentation surgery without complications is the most securing part.

Before and After Chin Augmentation. I like how my chin creates a VShape face, I am very satisfied with the result. My friends say it looks very natural and I can really feel that when I touch my chin, it feels like the natural bone and tissue.

Thank you so much DRK! I love my new look! The VShape face indeed gives me a Korean-like beauty! Now I gain more confidence about myself and I am very happy!


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