Slim cheek by Buccal Fat removal surgery with Dr. Kolawach at DRK.

Sexy Slender Cheeks will make you look more glamorous and adorable with the competent confidence.

Hi there guys, I’m Cha and for those who are planning to do buccal fat removal surgery or those who want to get rid of their chubby lousy cheeks, I hope my review about my experience in doing it will help.

In this generation, plastic surgery at any age is pretty normal especially here in my homeland- Thailand. Everyone does plastic surgery and it is just a matter of doing it with the right doctor in order to gain the confidence the one is yearning for.

My concern is my unattractive chubby face, although my parents say it was ok but I don’t feel smart having fatty cheeks. Somehow they start realize that I really wanted to do something about it and later my parents supported me.

We’ve been all over Bangkok to look for the best doctor, some clinics are famous online, but when we go to their clinics- it look so dirty and very crowded like a mini-store and people sit uncomfortably. I didn’t feel good about the place. I want a facility that would secure my operation, clean environment and relaxing. I don’t think about the price, because the most important is having the best surgeon in the best place.

Until one day I found Dr. Kolawach on the internet being well-known to do incredible plastic surgery with very good reputation along with his colleagues, team and patients. I read about the reviews and it mesmerized me how astonishing the results are.

Before I had Buccal Fat Removal with Dr. Kolawach

My face looks so round, I have to make impression when taking a photo to somehow make it look smaller. I also have to make angles to get a slimmer face on my photos. Really inconvenient for me, that’s why I really wanted to make it permanent and natural slim face.

I am so excited for my big day, which is the day of my makeover by Buccal Fat removal. DRK’s facility and medical personnel are all securing and high standard quality of service with complete monitoring system and sterile environment. It gives me assurance and guarantee that nothing bad will happen and no further complication can occur.

Those are my buccal fat pad that doctor removed. Seeing it was like a relief to me, it was like a huge ball causing my face to puff was removed. And seeing it WITHOUT BLOOD was more amazing and securing feeling. The operation took for about 45minutes, I felt very comfortable the entire time. Dr. Kolawach’s hands were very gentle and skillful, it didn’t hurt me at all. He tried to explain what he was doing in able to check if I’m ok, which is very comforting because he made me feel like I’m not alone in that room. He kept me company by talking to me all the time J

After the buccal fat removal surgery, they took me to their recovery area and had a rest for a couple of minutes until I’m alright to go back home.

This is my before and after comparison after one month.

A very obvious difference, although it will still gradually decrease in full time 3 months. I’m still waiting for my progressing slimmer face.

This is my before and after comparison after one month.

A very obvious difference, although it will still gradually decrease in full time 3 months. I’m still waiting for my progressing slimmer face.

My friends say my face is not VShape, which is really a compliment for me. I have been longing to look slim and sexy with Vshape face. And now I’m very happy that people can see and appreciate my transformation.

6 weeks after my Buccal Fat removal with Dr. Kolwach

No more chubby cheeks. I feel more confident each day.

2 months after my buccal fat removal surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

I am really thankful to Dr. Kolawach for making my dream come true. He made me feel that all things are possible if you just believe in it. He became not just my doctor but also my mentor.

I am very confident about myself now, and my life changed for the better. All my relatives and friends are fascinated with my makeover transformation because they can see a beautiful face and a happy heart.

I wish you all the best of luck in doing plastic surgery, and be wise in choosing your doctor. Until next time J

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