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Chin Liposuction, get rid of a double chin and enhance overall facial appearance.

Double Chin Removal

Double Chin or fats residing under the chin and upper neck area are caused by a history of overweight, or hereditary factors. Having a double chin can make us feel insecure about our looks and thus leads to decrease self confidence. In some people, exercise can be helped but for some, some may have solved these problems with various methods such as vigorous massage, tightening, injecting fat dissolvent, but are just short-term solution and even sometimes almost can't see the difference after such procedures. Chin liposuction is the shortest way to achieve the result they wanted.

Chin Liposuction involves removing of unwanted fats under the chin, beneath the jowls and along the upper portion of the neck. DRK has specialized surgeons that could surely solve your double chin problem with good results!

For chin liposuction procedure, it is a minor operation that needed only local anesthesia. There could be 2-3 points of incision for about 2mm small. These incisions points will have a good access to the accumulated fats under the chin and neck area.

Double Chin Removal

Double Chin Removal

Double Chin Removal

Chin Liposuction may result with the following benefits:

1. Eliminates Double Chin: safely removing fats under the chin can also lead to slender face

2. Enhances Jawline: as the fats are being removed, the jaw can be emphasized thus giving the face a better shape.

3. Reduce Fat in the neck: the procedure includes refining neck area as it also removing the unwanted fats accumulated in the neck.

After the chin liposuction, the incision wound will gradually close and the scar will be faded and disappeared in less than 6 months. The result can be seen for about 2-3 months after the procedure. Swelling and bruises can be expected for a week or 2. Medicines will be prescribed and post-operating instructions will be given spontaneously.

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