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Lipstick match lips!

Lips surgery Thailand

"All women are lips, nothing but lips.", that's what Yevgeny Zamyatin said. And I believe it's true. Because women can't go on the day without putting on some lipsticks, or lip gloss or anything that gives life to their lips. Lips to women is very important, it sets our mood and confidence.


My lips were thick which is good but it was straight and has no attraction. It's thickness gives it a dull look. I wanted to give it a shape that would bring life to my face. I searched around Bangkok to look for the best surgeon and clinic that would give me the result that I want.

Fortunately, I found DRK through my favorite celebrity and a beauty queen Ms. Ploy for having the lips surgery. I followed her social media and I love how her face changed after the lips surgery and I can see how happy she is and full of confidence.


The lips surgery operation took less than an hour, it was magical! I didn't feel any pain at all! After injecting the local anesthesia, the next procedure didn't feel anything nor discomforts. My doctor's hands were very gentle and skillful, he performed without bleeding.

***10 days after Lips Surgery***

The recovery period was so quick! in just a week I was able to go back to my normal routine, as you can see in just 10 days my lips are looking normal and magnificent. No bruises, no swelling, and no scars!

I love how the HEART shaped is formed and makes my lips look kissable and plump!

Thank you so much DRK for giving my lips a life! I love it so much! Thank you DRK team for the endless assistance and support and for being very friendly.


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