Plumpest, Poutiest and Most Kissable Lips ever be with Lips Reshape by DRK!

No shape thick lips are no sexy at all. Some people especially hollywood actors are getting injections to achieve the fuller lips, but with only fuller and no shape it leaves a fish-like lips. Lips Reshape surgery by DRK will change the shape of the lips from straight dull to kissable heart shaped!

The lips is one of the most obsession part of the face by women, we put lipstick, lip gloss, tint and so on just to make our face look pleasing. Sometimes, we can go out having no other makeup just as long as we wear lipsticks. Because the lips bring light to our face.


When I had my consultation with my surgeon at DRK, he explained to me thoroughly about the lips surgery procedure and how it will change the shape of my lips. Since my lower part is already goldilock's lip meaning it has good shape and size, it will remain the same. Though the upper lip is thick and no shape, so what he will do, he will cut and remove a part of my lip and stitch it back. The art there is the shape will form a "heart".


The operation took about an hour in the innovative facility of DRK, the completeness of technology and sterilization techniques give me security and assurance that no complications will arise during and after the surgery.

After the local anesthesia was being administered, the following procedures were all comforting and very at ease. I am happy that I didn't have terrible bruises and bleeding after the operation.


The recovery period is surprisingly fast, I am relieved every day because the pain subsides and the swelling as well. I can drink and eat food normally, although hot and spicy are not allowed this time because it may irritate and might cause complication to the incision wound. Luckily, the wound is close and it close to completely being healed.

***7 Days after LIP RESHAPE SURGERY***

Fully recovered in a week! No pain, No bruises, No complication! I'm back to normal routine and I can eat everything I want!

When I apply lip gloss or lips stick, I feel sexy because of the heart shaped lips that I have. It looks so soft and kissable! Im falling in love with my lips!

Thank you DRK for making my lips wonderful, the heart-shaped lips really gives a different glow to my face. I feel confident and happy with my lips perfect with my face!

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