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Look smart, smooth nose with Dr. Keaw at DRK.

I’m inviting you all to take a quick look on the changes I had after I did rhinoplasty at DRK with Dr. Keaw.

As I worked in Aviation, I’d like to look manly and professional. I had insecurities with the

shape of my nose before, and I felt like I’m having a bad impression when I meet copilots

and navigation apprentice. I was curious if it’s safe to have silicone when at the pressure

of altitude, and so I ask around my mates if it is ok to do Rhinoplasty. They said of course

it is safe, there are no contraindications on flying.

I started looking online for clinics around Bangkok, because I am busy it’s the only way I

can use for searching. I found many clinics and even hospital, but upon calling them and

ask about the procedure I didn’t feel any specific click to it. Very dry and common sales

skills they tell me and I don’t trust this kind of approach.

Fortunately, when I dialed down DRK’s number, the staff was attentive and naturally

friendly. She was smooth and sound confident when answering my questions about my

planned rhinoplasty. And right then and there, my heart told me that this is the one and

only clinic to do the operation for me.

I got my consultation appointment and went to DRK on time. I met everyone and they are

all assistive to me. It impressed me to see how their facility was very clean and ordinance.

Also there are many doctors in that time. I had first consultation with Dr. Kolawach, it was

perfect. But then when I wanted to make the surgery appointment, his schedule was not

available due to so many patients have already filled in the day. I have to wait one month

to get the operation. Though my availability cannot wait for another month because of my

work schedule too. So I asked the DRK staff if there’s any other way to make my surgery

happen on the day that I want, I got an offer to do the operation with Dr. Keaw. I thought,

why not. I can give a consultation with him.

When talking with Dr. Keaw, he was as good as Dr. Kolawach. They way they explained

things to me are exactly the same. When I asked for reviews of patients who did with Dr.

Keaw, all has great and outstanding results. So then, I decided with all my guts to do my

rhinoplasty with him.

This is me before I had rhinoplasty with Dr. Keaw at DRK. You can notice that my nose

bridge is short from the center of my eyes up to the tip making my nose look flat and

wide. I will be having a customized silicone implant with Dr. Keaw to modify the shape of

my nose to a more appropriate one for my facial structure. I am so excited for my rhinoplasty with Dr. Keaw, I know that it’s gonna be splendid! And

so it was! My rhinoplasty surgery was successful as I expected. I have no infection, no pain

sensation, no bleeding and no bruises. I have 2days swollen nose but after that I can go

out and do my job. My recovery process are very complacent and gratifying because of

the whole DRK team who were always there to keep on checking on me and assist me

with my needs.

This is me 2 weeks after my Rhinoplasty with Dr. Keaw at DRK. Everything is pretty much

normal at this point. I went back to working and I have no complications when I fly.

Everything is pretty smooth and great. I am more confident that before. Thanks to Dr.

Keaw for making my desired look possible.

I am more than happy to see my final look of rhinoplasty with Dr. Keaw at DRK. This is me

more than a month now after the operation date. As expected, everything is normal but I

feel extraordinary as ever. My nose now is the best nose I can ever have, and it looks so

natural for my face. My colleagues are all fascinated by the way I look now and they are

buggling me to bring them to DRK for consultation.

I’d like to finish this review by encouraging you all to read and research more before you

do any type of plastic surgery. And always talk to your doctor. Don’t have the operation

unless you know EXACTLY what you will be getting. You have to be straightforward with

what you want, and OPEN your mind to the possible things that you will have after the surgery.

And foremost, all my thanks and gratitude to DR. Keaw and DRK team for all the great

work and hospitality they have given me. Wish you guys more success. Til we see each

other again.

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