2X More Beautiful with COMBO Double Eyelid and Rhinoplasty Surgery!

One day surgery, two procedures! DO IT AT THE SAME TIME! Double Eyelid for better eye shape and Rhinoplasty for balanced ratio and perfect dimension for the face!

Hi ladies! At my age, I feel so old because of my tired-looking eyes. People always think I am undersleep or tired. Because of the monolid eyes, it usually gives that impression and I cannot blame them. Another insecurity I have is my nose. As a typical Asian girl, my nose was flat and the tip is wide. Who wants this kind of nose? As much as I know, none. We all don't want a flat nose, do we? That's why the solution to this is plastic surgery.

I chose DRK because of word-of-mouth from my friends. They have done many plastic surgeries at DRK and they are very satisfied with the result, even it takes more than years, they are very confident and still beautiful with their beauty makeovers.

The operation of double eyelid and rhinoplasty at DRK are successful. Local anesthesia was administered and after that I didn't feel any pain nor discomfort. The operation took an hour and so, but it was very reassuring because of the medical team that keeps on monitoring me all the time.

Few days after the surgery, I had some swelling and bruises but DRK took care of me and my safe recovery. The medicines worked very well and helped me healed faster and comfortable resting period.

See the result! It really changed the shape of my eyes! No more tired looking! My eyes are glowing and I look younger!

Especially the nose! The height from the bridge to the tip is perfect! It gives balance to my whole face!

Thank you DRK and my doctor for this marvelous experience! Now I have gained confidence like never before!

#doubleeyelid #Rhinoplasty

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