What is the right process for Rhinoplasty procedure from DAY 1 to RESULT! See my incredible experien

Rhinoplasty for balanced ratio to improve face dimension can really change the look of the entire face! Why? This is because the nose is the center of the face and that's why when this is shaped well with good projection, it will give the face the right and balanced look.

This is just a 5min read! Let me share with you my experience in this makeover journey at DRK. We all have nose insecurities but mine was to Asiany. My nose is very flat from the middle of the eyes to the nose tip.

During my consultation, the doctor measured my nose using the cutting edge technology 4D simulation. With this, the doctor and me can see condition (shape) of my nose.

The 4D simulation can also show a desired projection and shape of the nose, this is very fascinating because I can also decide what is my dream nose and the doctor can see what I want. Also he can give me advice if this is possible for my skin elasticity.

Prior the rhinoplasty surgery, the medical assistant checked all my vital signs to make sure that I am perfectly well to undergo operation on the said day. They are very assistive and reassuring, which relieves my nervousness.

Im so ready for my rhinoplasty surgery! Here I go!

The rhinoplasty took about an hour. Local anesthesia was administered, and the rest was pain-free. It was comfortable and securing. The doctor made sure that I am doing fine all throughout the operation.

So this is me the day after rhinoplasty surgery. The plaster must be on for 3 days to help reduce swelling plus cold compress. Lucky to have no bruises. The pain is manageable through the prescribed medicine.

3 Days after rhinoplasty. Still swollen and light bruises but the pain is lesser. I am not worried about this because this is normal after surgeries. I'm still glad that I have no complications nor infections.

1 Week after rhinoplasty! See the difference?! The new shape of my nose gives a different look on my face! From the top to tip, the projection and height gives a balance dimension to my facial expression.

Big thanks to my doctor for giving me the perfect nose for my face! We did a good collaboration for designing and he made a great job for customizing my implant!

DRK rhinoplasty is indeed a US Standard world class plastic surgery center!


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