Cheek Reduction Buccal Fat Removal, the best way to get rid of chubby face!

Slim Cheeks in just one procedure through Buccal Fat Removal surgery by DRK. Get rid of your unwanted fats inside the cheeks in the safest and permanent result! Buccal fat removal is a minor surgery that tends to remove the fat residing inside the buccal fat pad. These fat usually disappears as a person get older but for some people it just don't disappear. This surgical procedure is really safe and should be done by a board certified surgeon.

I have insecurities with my chubby cheeks, I did a lot of cheek exercise to reduce its size but it can't be of help. I also did a strict diet but it only get me slimmer but my face remains the same. I don't want to resort to fat dissolving injections because I'm afraid of the complications it may entail.

Buccal Fat Removal surgery is one of the popular choice of surgery to get git of fats in the cheeks. This surgery also helps achieve the Vshape face through slender cheeks. I chose DRK because they have well-experienced board certified surgeons that have practice in different countries globally. Aside from that, they have patients that are very satisfied with their outcomes and many recommendation from trusted celebrities here in Thailand.


The incision is inside the cheeks, but I just have to apply the face compressor and ice pack to help reduce the swelling faster. I'm relieved that everything is fine after the operation. DRK had a bloodless technique that gives me the assurance that the surgery went well.

I have to wear the face garment for 3 straight days, then only wear it at night for 2 weeks.

4 days after buccal fat removal, my face is still swollen but I'm happy that I don't have terrible bruises. The incision inside the mouth begins to close and I feel very less pain.

As the day goes by, I get better and better. I can go out and meet my friends. After a week of recovery, I can say that I am totally healed. But for now, I may not see the result yet. I have to wait for about 2 weeks to start seeing the slender cheeks.

What a relief, in just 1 week I am back to my normal routine. No complication nor infection during the recovery stage.

I begin to feel confidence in myself. I feel sexy with my slender cheeks! And my family and friends can see the changes too! It's very satisfying to get all positive comments from important people in your life!

No more strict diet because I have a slim face already! I can enjoy cheat days like this!

I am very satisfied with my buccal fat removal surgery because after a month, I can see an incredible result. My face got slimmer and it achieved the VSHAPE face that I desired.

All these are possible because DRK made their best to help me achieve my dream beauty. I really recommend DRK.

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