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Beach body achieved with natural big boobs!

breast augmentation

Breast enlargement achieves the best feminine body and attain confidence. It's amazing how big boobs can really transform a woman's figure. Most women get confidence from a good shape of body and that entails good breast size.

DRK is really an outstanding plastic surgery center that provides a cutting edge technology and US STANDARD procedure. The implant is Mentor which is made in the USA. This implant is trusted by most American doctors and has been used to so many patients.

Not every woman is gifted to have the attractive and proportionate size of breast. And some just come to the point that they accepted their fate. Wear up too much padded bras, and even extra silicone bra to lift up the breast.

It's a common situation for woman, and you cannot really blame them. Because having a flat chest indicates undeveloped woman, and male features. It has two way of mockery, from male and female side as well.

breast augmentation

My breast is not only small but also sagging. I feel very much older because of my lumpy and uneven breasts.

breast augmentation

DRK measured by chest circumference and then used the 3D simulator to have a better look of what size and projection that is right to my body figure.

The breast augmentation surgery was taken in the hospital to have a more secured facility. After the surgery, I have to stay for one night to get a 24-hour monitoring and then a follow up the next day.

I felt very safe, secured and confident that my breast surgery will be a successful one.


breast augmentation

The Mentor silicone felt so natural. Also natural to look at! Aside from that, the projection and the size is so perfect to me! The incision under the breast crease (inframammary) and has invisible scar, almost like a normal line under the breast.

I really love my new big and even breasts. Thanks to DRK!

breast augmentation

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