DRK made a better version of my nose!

Revision Rhinoplasty at DRK is a game-changer! With the 4D innovative technology, it can simulate the dimension of the nose to measure and create the right design for the nose!

It is really devastating to have your first nose job fail, we all hope that we can only go under the knife once, but unfortunately the first nose job from other clinic didn't give me the satisfaction I expected. My nose has a short height on the middle of the eyes and round tip. This is an awkward design, it makes me look like a monkey or some sort, that's how I feel anyhow.

***Before Revision Rhinoplasty***

Clearly the nose is so depressing. I need to attain the beauty and confidence that I yearn for. And I will correct this misfortune through revision rhinoplasty at DRK.

***in the OR for revision rhinoplasty***

You can see that the old silicone is misplaced, it was deviated to one side. The round tip doesn't give a good projection.

The old silicone is the one with the L-Shaped silicone, this style is old and it didn't suit to my facial structure. My previous surgeon just created this as a standard uniform shape of silicone.

The new silicone from DRK is the one with the forcep, and the shape is perfectly curved for my facial structure to create a balanced ratio and dimension.

After the revision rhinoplasty, I continue my rest at home. Medications and cold compress are my remedies. I have to be careful in washing my face. Luckily, no bleeding and no severe pain on my nose. Everything is pretty much manageable.

Not much bruises on the face, though I can tell that it is swelling because the nose is tender to touch. No worries, bandage or plaster will be removed on the 4th day.

4 days after revision rhinoplasty and surprisingly my nose is incredible! Of course it is still swelling but you can already tell the dimension and the curveness! I like the projection from the top to the tip!

I can testify that fast and safe recovery at DRK is real and very fascinating! I had no complication, no infection, no bleeding! Now I can go back to my normal routine!


After a week I can see big changes from revision rhinoplasty at DRK! I am very satisfied with the result!

You can see that the projection of the nose from top to tip created a much balanced and beautiful outcome. The dimension fits the entire facial structure and gives emphasis to the middle feature of the face!

I now achieved the confidence I have longed for so long. Thanks to DRK, they gave me this opportunity to have another chance in beauty and confidence.

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