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Best face enhancing surgery! Double Eyelid changed my look!

Double Eyelid Surgery

Enhancing the shape of the eyes through Double Eyelid Surgery definitely changes the look of the entire face!

It's true! Double Eyelid surgery really is a game-changer!

I once had a bad eye shape, the look of it without defined upper crease, it was drooping.

Making me look old, tired, sleepy, dull and boring.


Double Eyelid Surgery

My eyes were telling people that I am sad, and I don't like that impression. Some people think I'm older than my age. And these comments leave me unconfident about myself. I started to put so much makeup on my eyes just so I could cover the sad little eyes, but it's not gonna help every time I remove them.

That's why I decided to have a double eyelid surgery. I know it's the only way to solve this endeavor. So DRK is my first and only choice because I have so many friends who did plastic surgeries with them and they become very beautiful and happy with the result.


Double Eyelid Surgery

I am kinda have a very sensitive skin and low resistance pain, that's why I have a slight bruises and swelling days after I had the double eyelid. I was a bit feeling nervous at first but DRK took care of me and give me the remedies and medicines I need to do to help reduce it faster.

Double Eyelid Surgery

So in three days I have to put cold packs over the eyes to help reduce swelling faster, and I have to rest most of the time so that it wont give complication to the wound. I had to stay home and rest.

***1 WEEK after DOUBLE EYELID surgery***

Double Eyelid Surgery

After a week, I might say it's still swelling but luckily the wound is already close and healing process is beginning to get visible. I can see that the crease is obviously made, but I have to wait to its final result.

Double Eyelid Surgery

I am very satisfied with my eyes right now! With the defined double eyelids, my eyes don't look dull and boring anymore! My friends are very fascinated with the result and we are very happy with the outcome because it made me look beautiful and feel confident.

Thank you DRK for giving me this beautifully shaped eyes.

***1 Month After Double Eyelid Surgery***

Double Eyelid Surgery

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