Improve nasal bridge with the RIGHT fit for the facial structure

Rhinoplasty made a big change in my look! With the right measurement, the result is perfect!

It's true, and you gotta believe it! Nose enhancement can change so much to your face, because it gives balance to the whole face as is it the center of it. If the nose gives the right dimension, it contributes to the beauty of a person.

Take my situation for example. Well I was born to have a flat nose, and no matter how much I convinced myself and the people who love me tells me that I am beautiful inside and out, still I know the fact that my nose is not beautiful. As a girl I have a dream, and that dream is simple- to be beautiful. To achieve that I know that I have to enhance my nose first.


This side view angle says a lot as a matter of fact, I know that it does not make me look beautiful and it makes me unconfident about myself. I want a high profile face that most beautiful girls have.


DRK gave me a bright future during my consultation. The doctor is board certified and an expert in rhinoplasty operation. He measured my nose and actually also used a simulation device to show me what could be the best fit and projection of my nose. From the nasal bridge to the nose tip. I was really impressed with the explanation and realistic outcome that the doctor presented to me.

DRK is one of the leading plastic surgery center in Thailand for they have maintained a good reputation and highly recommended by most influential people and celebrities. Above that, the use US standard procedures and technologies to render premium service to their patients.

I have my complete confidence that with DRK, I will have a successful rhinoplasty operation.

***Before and 1 week After Rhinoplasty***

Look! in just a week I have achieved the look that I have longed for all my life! And now because of DRK, I can enjoy this look for as long as I want!

I am really impressed with the fast recovery, I thought it will take long for me to be back to normal but fortunately because of DRK's BLOODLESS technique I didn't have any complication and the incision wound healed fast!

Moreover, the result of the new nose shape is perfect to my facial structure. It gives a perfect dimension that result to natural and beautiful result! I am in love with my new nose and very much satisfied with it!

Thank you DRK for the tremendous experience. I am surely gonna come back for more beauty makeovers! ^^


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