Revision Rhinoplasty at DRK saved my face!

Happy heart with new nose done by DRK. Truly transforming and life-changing makeover!

Just like other people who had failed rhinoplasty at first attempt, I got my own story too. I have deep regret on my first rhinoplasty which I had in other clinic. I was sought to believe that they can give me the best rhinoplasty that will make me beautiful but it turned out that it was a great failure.


Look at that, still flat on the between the eyes and the nostrils are flaring. It looks like I didn't have any rhinoplasty at all. So frustrating shape of silicone. The previous doctor didn't even measure the height of the nose.


The side view is even worse. That straight and bulky nose looks terrible. I cannot begin to express where I can describe the frustration angle because one look at it, you can say that it is not beautiful!

***On the operating room, before revision rhinoplasty***

This time, it will be different because this time I found DRK. With DRK I know that it will be naturally beautiful nose. I can tell that because I've seen their patients and reviews on the internet. When I visited their clinic, I saw many customers coming and also celebrities that had rhinoplasty and other plastic surgeries that are all success. It was like shopping in a very high so place full of good clothes and shoes! hahahha!

***On the operating room, before revision rhinoplasty***

The photo below is my before and after silicone implant. The new implant made by DRK is the white one. If you nose the curve of the silicone and the height it will create between the eyes. Plus the volume on the tip of the nose is just enough to create a natural nose tip. The old one (yellow implant) is L-shaped which is the old design from years ago. It is even straight and looked unbalance. Now I know why I looked terrible.

***1 Day After Rhinoplasty***

Everything is good as of today, I have my plaster on my nose but no terrible swelling and no terrible bruises. I have to apply cold packs to help reduce swelling faster and also continue home meds as prescribed.

***1 WEEK after Rhinoplasty***

Success!!! I love my new nose! It looks natural and beautiful! I love the curve that gives a soft look on the face and the height is just perfect! I know it could be swollen a little bit but I can really tell that the new nose shape is beautifully designed for my facial structure!

***Before and After Rhinoplasty***

My beauty transformation as DRK fixed my nose, I have also transformed inside. I am now happy and confident about myself and how I look. I am positive that I can be more beautiful if I persuade in this quest, and now that I found the best surgeon for me. I will surely achieve my dream beauty!

***After Revision Rhinoplasty***

Come to DRK if you want to achieve your beauty dreams too! They are very professional and they will assist you to your beauty concerns honestly!

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