Corrective Nose Job, Second Chance for Second Change!

Previous rhinoplasty from other clinic was a fail, and the next nose job done by DRK is successful. It happens a lot to some people who was not lucky enough to have their first time be so perfect.

I had my first rhinoplasty at some clinic that I thought gives good result because of the same promises they give as others. And I go with it because it is cheaper and enough for my budget. Little did I know that cheap price comes cheap result, so what happened is that the silicone implant they put inside eventually slanted, repositioned to one side. It resulted to deviated nose.


Aside from deviated nose or asymmetry nose, the design of the silicone that was made is not appropriate to my facial structure. It is straight and no dimension form. It is just the old traditional design that doctors create for rhinoplasty.


When I found DRK, I felt like this is the best surgeon for me. Because during the consultation, I felt very confident with his explanation and realistic outcome he presented to me. He also measured my nose and simulated it for me to see. We have agreed on the design for the implant harmoniously.

***In the operating room, before rhinoplasty***

The doctor draw on the implant where it is dispositioned.

DRK medical staff thoroughly assisted me during pre operation. They have prepared me well for the surgery, and monitored my health status. To make sure that I am physically well to do the operation.

So this is my new and previous silicone. The one with the surgical forcep is the new one created by DRK and the other one close to the camera is the old one. Now I see that the old one is the L-Shaped implant which is really an old design for nose.

With this new design I am confident that it will look natural and beautifully formed to my facial structure. I cannot wait to see the final result!


DRK's BLOODLESS technique is outstanding! Because of it, I didn't have difficultly taking care of my nose at home. No terrible bruises, no heavy swelling, and bearable pain.


Yipeee! On its 4th day, No more plaster! No bruises and no pain! Although the swelling is still there, I am not worried of any complication nor pain anymore! I also love how my nose is designed. The curve gives a soft look. Just have to wait for a few more days to get the swollen all gone.

***BEFORE and AFTER Rhinoplasty***

***BEFORE and AFTER Rhinoplasty***

DRK fixed my nose! The result in just a week is really tremendous! I cannot express how grateful I am to have a better nose and one that is perfectly suited to my facial structure.

No more deviated nose, no more asymmetry nose, no more dispositioned nose, no more unbalanced nose, no more straight boring nose!


DRK made my life wonderful after the rhinoplasty, no just because of making me beautiful but because the confidence I have. The happy and contented heart without worries. That's the most significant contribution of the rhinoplasty I had with them.

It was a great experience, so I recommend DRK for your beauty quest too and see it for yourself! ^^

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