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Chubby Cheeks Problem is gone in just one procedure with DRK!

Buccal Fat Removal

Fastest and Safest way to get rid of unwanted chubby cheeks is through Buccal Fat Removal by DRK!

Instant slim face by removing the buccal fat pad inside the cheeks that causes my face to look chubby and round.

Chubby bunny, that's what my friends call me. I know it's an endearment but I take it seriously. Not that I am hurt by their tease, but I just don't want to be treated like a cute girl, I wanted to be treated as a grown woman. And having a chubby cheeks wont do. I will always look like chubby chubby with this chubby cheeks.


Buccal Fat Removal

There are natural ways to get rid of chubby cheeks says the internet, and believe me, I tried them all yet I still have a these unwanted fat residing inside my cheeks. I did face massage, face wrap, diet and all but none of it works. And so I decided to have plastic surgery as my last resort.

I come to DRK because of many reasons. First they have good reputation from patients and other doctors. They are well known with their outstanding work and reviews. They have state of the art surgical method and technology to give the high standard of service and care to the patients. Plus their surgeons are board certified plastic surgeons with myriad practices globally.

***Immediately After Buccal Fat Removal***

Buccal Fat Removal

After less than an hour in the operating table, I get to have a good rest at DRK's recovery room. They gave me this face garment and ice pack to help relieve pain and of course reduce swelling. DRK also provided me the necessary meds for my cheeks.

***1 day after Buccal Fat Removal***

Buccal Fat Removal

I have to wear this face garment for 3 days straight, then wear it only at bed time for a week or so until the swelling is completely gone. The incision is inside the cheeks so I am advised to avoid eating hot food and beverages. Also cannot brush my teeth, I can use mouthwash instead.

***2 Days After Buccal Fat Removal***

Buccal Fat Removal

Still doing the same, but today is lesser pain. I am just happy that I don't have terrible bruises and the pain is very minimal and manageable. Thanks to the pain killer that DRK gave me. This time, I just stay in the house till I get totally healed.

***3 Days After Buccal Fat Removal***

Buccal Fat Removal

Last day of wearing this face garment, I cannot wait to see my cheeks! The third day is quite normal. Though still I cannot go out to the mall because of this face garment.... hahha

***4 Days After Buccal Fat Removal***

Buccal Fat Removal
Buccal Fat Removal

Tada! There you see it, still swollen on the 4th day but I'm very fascinated that I didnt have any bruises at all! The incision wound inside the cheeks also closed and no complications occurred.

***Before and After Buccal Fat Removal***

Buccal Fat Removal

10 days comparison after buccal fat removal surgery at DRK! Splendid result! No more chubby cheeks! The fats are gone and there's a big change on my cheeks! Now I have a slender cheeks!

Nobody can call me chubby bunny anymore because my face doesn't look fat nor round! I like how it changed my look because people say I have a VSHAPE FACE and it's a sexy face! Really grown women has!

DRK made it possible and easy to achieve! I thought it's a difficult journey but DRK is really an expert in their job! Now I have slim cheeks and confidence that I longed for a very long time! It's truly a dream come true! Thank you so much DRK! ^^

Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal Fat Removal

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