Redesign Nose Line for more natural and handsome look! DRK Rhinoplasty did better!

Your previous nose job might be outdated or out of balance. Fear not, it can be corrected or redesigned!

DRK did better, yes that's true. I had a rhinoplasty done in other hospital yet in the long run I find it too much for my facial structure. The height on the upper bridge ( between the eyes) is too high, down to the mid bridge has bumpy and the tip is pointing awkwardly straight. It looks obviously operated and very unnatural.


The dissatisfaction I have with my previous nose job led me to a decision to have another rhinoplasty. But this time it has to be with the best surgeon.

There are many known plastic surgery centers in Thailand, and I've had consultation with the top 5. One of them is DRK. When I talked to DRK surgeon, I was impressed by their services. It is well managed and the medical assistant answered all my queries knowledgeably.

The surgeon explained to me thoroughly the condition of my nose and what will he do to have a natural result. He measured my nose and give me a picture of what my future nose will be.


In the operating room, I was prepared well by the medical staff. They saw to it that I am physically healthy and well to have to operation. Take a closer look at my nose before the surgery, you can notice that even the silicone on the upper part of the nose has emanated.


The new designed nose line by DRK is soft and natural. It doesn't give an extended nose, it heightened the nose with good dimension and perfect measurement.

The customized design fits perfectly to my face structure. With this I feel more confident that this time my nose will have good result. Plus DRK used a silicone made in the USA, which has high quality material that lasts forever without complications.

On the following day after rhinoplasty, I have to stay home because I cannot aggravate the swelling condition of my nose. For 3 days, I have to apply cold compress to help reduce the swelling.

Very fast recovery! In just a week I can go out and do work! My officemates are so amazed with my new nose! they said I look different in a very good way!

I like how my new nose give a softer look on my face. Because of its dimension on height, width and length, it creates a balanced look. It is very natural!

I had the right decision to take a second chance on my nose.

My new and improved nose design by DRK changes my perspective in life! I am more happy, more positive and in a good mood!

Thanks to DRK, I have handsome face and happy heart!




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