A strong chin is a classic masculine feature! Chin Augmentation by DRK gives prominent chin.

"A receding or weak chin can throw off the balance of all your facial features, detracting from facial harmony and keeping you from feeling good about your appearance." This is so true, especially for men. Men's facial structure must be strong and masculine, but if a man has receding chin, it gives a soft and awful look.

I need to step up my game in dating, and by that I have to boost my confidence. Take a look at the photo below, the shortness of my chin gives my face an unbalanced look. Before I'm not really sure what's needs to be done to improve the appearance of my face, but after my consultation with DRK, they advised me to have chin augmentation to give the lower area of my face an additional ratio.


I agree to what the DRK surgeon advised me, when they took my photo in the studio room then showed me that my short chin is giving me the "weak" look. The doctor said that it can be enhanced by adding a silicone implant. But DRK's technique is using a USA made implant with various sizes and shapes plus the doctor will also shape it up as to make it fit perfectly to my facial structure.


They also use a titanium screw to secure the position of the silicone. Because in other clinics or hospitals, they don't have this technique and later on the patient complains on a misaligned or dispositioned implant. This screw is very small that you cannot feel it.


The operation was easy breezy! it took for less than an hour, the surgeon is such an expert, he knows exactly what he's doing. with a great plan and great execution.


It's still swelling, but I'm happy that I didn't have terrible bruises all over my face like a zombie. Although I cannot go out with a plaster on my chin, still I'm better and able to move around with my condition.

See, no scar! it's gonna look very natural! The incision is made inside the mouth behind the chin. so great!


At this point, I'm advised to eat soft foods, so now I'm having porridge. I have to avoid eating hard food because it will make me bite harder and that will somehow triggers the slow improvement or recovery on my chin. It might prolong the swelling or maybe cause irritation.


No more terrible swelling! I can definitely go out and see my friends! I cannot wait to show them my new look!

I like how my face changes, it gives me a different look. I am very satisfied with the result. And all of my friends like it too. They are very happy for my transformation and they want to go to DRK for some makeover.

What an experience I had with DRK, really life-changing. I am very lucky to have my plastic surgery done with them. My transformation gave me the confidence I've been longing for. And the satisfaction I have feels very good in the heart.


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