Confident with Slender Face, No more chubby cheeks in one procedure!

Most Asian girls like to have a slender cheeks, because in nature we have chubby cheeks. Chubby cheeks may look cute but not sexy. Cute is for girls, but sexy is for ladies. There could be other ways to get rid of the unwanted fat in the cheeks but the best one is the one that is one time procedure, long lasting and natural result and that is Buccal Fat Removal.

I used to have chubby cheeks, and though I am not fat, I look fat because of my puffy face. I hate it, it makes me insecure about myself. People like to pinch my cheeks and call me so many names that describes the fatty face. I wanted to change that cycle, that's why DRK is my solution.

I know DRK even before, I had my CHIN AUGMENTATION (click to read) surgery with them. The result from chin augmentation is outstanding, and I said to myself that if I would do another makeover, I would go back to them. Now for my buccal fat removal surgery, I have the greatest beauty maker!

The consultation with my surgeon is fascinating as always, he explained to me thoroughly the procedure and how I should take care of myself after the operation.

The incision is inside the cheeks so it would have a much accessible site to the buccal fat pad, but also the most importantly there will be no scar visible.

I have to wear the facial garment to help reduce the swelling faster, plus augment with the cold packs application. I have to wear this for three consecutive days.

No hot and spicy food and beverages, no using of toothbrush just mouthwash. The rest is absolutely fine. I don't feel much pain because of the pain killer prescribed to me.


In just a week, I am totally recovered. The wound inside is totally healed, no bruises, no pain! Although it is still swollen, the doctor said I have to wait for few more days to let it subside.


I am so happy to achieve the slender face that I want. DRK helped me become the girl I wanted, the confident, secured and happy.

I am very thankful for the magnificent changes of my face, without any complication but rather safe and fast result.

#buccalfatremoval #Vshape

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