Rising Actor made it through to become a Star after he had Buccal Fat Removal Vshape Face!

There could be other ways to get rid of the chubby cheeks. We all don't like to have a round fatty face, because that makes us look chubby isn't it? Men like to project a strong muscular appearance and by that being said, the strong jaw line must be defined. If we have a chubby cheeks, how else could the jawline be emphasized?

That's my concern, I wanted to look more masculine by getting rid of the unwanted fat residing inside my cheeks. My first alternative was diet, exercise, water, and some facial exercise, but it has a rebound effect. Once you stop doing it, it comes back. I was looking for something permanent, and luckily there's an answer to my problem. BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL is a minor plastic surgery procedure that removes the buccal fat pad and once removed, it will not come back permanently!


How did I end up at DRK? There are no other beauty center I would go to but DRK. DRK is one of the most popular and trusted plastic surgery center in Bangkok. Especially for celebrities, big or small. They are known to have good feedbacks and marvelous results. You can check their celebrity reviews, very stunning!

During my consultation at DRK, I was very pleased to feel the warm welcome by their staff. The medical assistant gave me all the information I needed to know for the surgery. The place is cozy and clean. The surgeon explained to me the process of buccal fat removal. The incision will be inside the cheeks and the recovery will take a week for the wound to heal.

The operation took less than an hour, I was on the table for a very quick time. I didn't feel any discomfort or pain during the buccal fat removal surgery. DRK surgeon see to it that the local anesthesia is working well before he started the operation. The "Bloodless" technique signature protocol of DRK helped a lot in having a good access to the buccal fat pad. And once finished, the doctor stitched the incision to close.

Viola! This is me right after the buccal fat removal surgery! I am fine, no bleeding, no pain and I'm showing you the buccal fat pad that was removed.


The facial garment is advised to help reduce the swelling faster. I must wear this the 24hours for 3 days then at night for the rest of the week. Aside from this, I must apply cold compress or ice packs too and regularly take the medicines given to me.



There you go! No bruises, no terrible swelling! I can go out with this! Although I still cannot eat spicy food because it might irritate the wound inside.


After a week I can see that the swelling slowly subsides! Although it will take few more weeks to finally see the result. But now, the wounds have closed and dried. I can eat anything I want!


I am back to my normal routine. My friends can notice that I look differently. Some said I look like a Korean because of my VSHAPE face!

My coworkers in the media are happy to see my transformation, in fact they offered me a lot of contract. I have new show and tv commercials now!


The result I got from buccal fat removal changed not only my look but also my mood. I feel confident and happy about myself. I look forward positively for every day.

Buccal fat removal at DRK gives the result they have promised during the consultation, and they deliver it without complication. The recovery is very fast and comfortable. Their medical assistants were there for me all throughout.

Thank you DRK for the wonderful experience! I will surely come back for more!

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