Handsome face makeover through Chin Augmentation and Nose wing reduction

Plastic surgery for men nowadays are growing, it is because men need to enhance facial features to achieve the masculine look. One of it is Chin Augmentation surgery, this procedure enhances the lower area of the face especially for those who have a receding chin. One way to achieve the balance facial symmetry is to give projection to the lower area of the face which is the chin. By doing so, the most reliable procedure is Chin augmentation. DRK has a promising technique by using USA made silicone implant with various shapes and sized that will fit perfectly to any facial structure. Aside from that, DRK surgeon will customize the silicone as well to give more accuracy to the person's facial feature.

Aside from wanting to resolve the receding chin, I also wanted to reduce the size of my nose wing. My nose is unbalanced because of the flaring alars. DRK's Alarplasty procedure removes a little portion of the base of the nose wing and stitch it back, making sure that there will be minimal scar that almost invisible to the eye. It will leave as a normal crease on the nose.


Notice the receding chin, it is a sign of a weak chin. To look manly, I need to achieve the prominent chin.

The width of my nose wing gives me an angry impression. Nobody likes to have a flaring nose. In other clinic, their alarplasty procedure leaves a terrible scar. That scares me the most because I don't want to have any scar on my face.

I chose DRK because of their outstanding record of the most preferred plastic surgery center in Bangkok. They have patients all around the country and even from other countries that trust them to change their lives and make their beauty dream come true. I am a model and I have many friends that are loyal patients of DRK. I am one of the witnesses of their amazing work, and I've seen people that become more confident and attractive. I wanted that for myself too.

The two operations (Chin augmentation and alarplasty) took place at DRK's Operating Room. I am confident that I will be given the proper treatment in their center because they have cutting edge technology to monitor my vitals and to complete the surgeries accurately and efficiently. Aside from clean and anti-bacterial environment, the Operating Room is US Standard protocol. Everything is sterile and 100% infection control.

The chin augmentation surgery incision is inside the chin, giving a thorough access to the chin bone area. Also it will leave no scar on the face. DRK has a TITANIUM SCREW Technique that will secure the silicone in place and not be misplaced no matter what strenuous activity I would do. The alarplasty as expected was very easy procedure. It was painless and at ease the entire procedure.

The recovery took a week for the wound to completely close and dry. DRK gave me sufficient medicines for my chin and alar. The bloodless technique signature protocol of DRK is the reason why I didn't have terrible bruising and swelling.

Now, I have achieved the prominent chin and that gives me the VSHAPE look like Koreans! My friends praise me with my new look and I feel good when people give me compliment. My confidence have built up thanks to DRK!

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