The best way to achieve the chiseled man face. Masculine face has no chubby cheeks!

Round face is only cute for babies and toddlers, and for big boys and real men, we don't want to appear fat and cheeky. Men prefer to have a defined jaw line, slender cheeks and prominent features. One of the most influential manly style for Asian men today is the VSHAPE face which is originated in Korean. Because of their growing popularity in Asia, most Asians are going after every style they introduce and that includes the plastic surgery.

Buccal Fat Removal may be common to most good plastic surgeons but not every result have as stunning as DRK can do. I can tell this because I am the witness to its marvelous outcome.

***Before Buccal Fat Removal***

What a lousy face, the chubby face makes me gloomy all day. I looked every where in the internet of ways to get rid of the fatty cheeks, I've done the diet, the exercise and yet nothing happened.

The fat of my cheeks gradually looks drooping and I'm afraid that eventually it will drag my face down and I will look like a bulldog. A sagging face is never attractive to me, and that's when I decided to do something about it, and diet and exercise is not it.

I resort to plastic surgery, since it is the only procedure that can produce a plausible result. A one time deal and permanent result. Since I have found a well-known plastic surgery center that has best surgeons in town with outstanding medical experience with HAPPY patients.

Buccal Fat Removal surgery by DRK carefully removes the unwanted buccal fat pad. The doctor makes an incision inside the cheeks to have a clear and accessible without a trace from the outside in order to look natural as a result.

These are my buccal fat pad finally removed from my cheeks. The "Bloodless Technique" standard procedure by DRK surgeon made it easier for the surgeon to see the buccal fat pad easily and making sure that no sensitive nerves will be damaged.

After the surgery, the medical personnel wrapped a bandage over my face to compress the face and apply ice packs to reduce the swelling effectively. I just have to wear this for three consecutive days, no spicy food and cannot brush my teeth.

After a week I am back to my daily routine without any trace of plastic surgery. People couldn't notice that my face is still swelling. The recovery is very fast and easing. I didn't worry about healing and I can sleep better at night.

After 2 weeks, I can see that my face starts to show the jawline. The chubby cheeks are gone and now I finally achieved the masculine I want!

Vshape face that's what my face shape is now thanks to DRK for making my facial features slender like Koreans. People think I'm a Korean and my friends tease me for the new handsome look!

Without the chubby cheeks, my jawline can be seen prominently and that makes me have the masculine appearance.

***Comparison of Before and After Buccal Fat Removal***

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