Experience the "Love at First Sight" with a KOREAN LOVELY EYES!

Enhance the shape of your eyes and make it expressive and attractive! Double Eyelid surgery does not only create a crease on the upper eyelid but also gives life to the eyes. DRK can make it beautiful and natural at the same time!

Hi ladies, I'm back again! After having my Rhinoplasty surgery at DRK (click the word) you will see that the operation is an outstanding success. Of course, I have committed myself to DRK because it is where I found confidence about the procedure and result and most importantly they give me the best outcome I can possibly have.

***Before Double Eyelid Surgery***

Now, my concern is the crease of my upper eyelid, I know I have one but the crease are not clear, the depth of the crease and it has overlapping other lines. Sometimes people think I'm sleepy because of my eyes. I have to put heavy makeup eyeliner to give a good emphasis of my eyes and to cover the undefined crease.

***AFTER Double Eyelid Surgery***

The operation took less than an hour, it was very satisfying and comfortable. DRK surgeon made sure that I am at my best physical and mental condition prior and during the surgery. I didn't feel any pain because the local anesthesia work perfectly well.

Right after the surgery, you can see the picture above, I have no bleeding and the incision is just small. It is enough to give the upper eyelid the better crease. I didn't need the full-incision technique because I already have a double eyelid, I just have to emphasize it more.

***DAY 6 After Double Eyelid Surgery***

I went out to have dinner with my friends, I am fine to do normal stuff in just a week. I had no complication whatsoever. But I still have to wait until the incision finally heals. Nonetheless, there is no terrible swelling and bruises, no more pain and I can see that the crease of my eyes are slowly to show its new shape.


I love how my new upper eyelids give better shape and expression to my eyes! The depth of the crease makes me look younger because it gives glow to my eyes!

In just 2 weeks, I can see the result I wanted for so long! The recovery was very fast and comfortable. I didn't have to worry about anything because I was so certain that the result will be what DRK surgeon told me and it's even more wonderful!

Now I have two makeovers that are successful because of DRK, my nose and my eyes give me happiness that I didn't feel before. So thank you DRK for this new life I have, I am beautiful, confident and happy at heart!


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