Corrective case Revision Rhinoplasty. Nose got corrected from failed nose job.

Revision rhinoplasty is a redo nose job due to some reason such as complication, infection, or bad design. My case get a deviated silicone, which means it is misaligned to the supposed position where my original nose bridge is. The silicone was placed in a sided angle leaning more on the right side of the nose and slanting to the tip of the nose.

This result has given me so much trouble, I don't feel confident, moreover I feel even more worse before I had a rhinoplasty. The doctor who did to me from other clinic made a mistake on my rhinoplasty.

DRK is my chance to have a second life, the kind of life I dream for myself.


If you can notice my before nose is deviated, and the height of the nose bridge doesn't look natural and it is stooping to the nose tip. Besides the deviated nose implant, the design is just a disaster.

***1 DAY after Revision Rhinoplasty***

The nose job operation took less than an hour, then after that I was sent to the luxurious recovery room for a couple of hours till I was feeling better to go back home. I continued my rest and medications at home. Now on day 1 after the rhinoplasty surgery, I am surprised that I didn't have terrible swelling and bruises.

***5 days after Revision Rhinoplasty***

My nose if still swollen, but I am happy that I can go back to my normal routine. I have no plaster over my nose and I can go out and see my friends.

***10 days after Revision Rhinoplasty***

No more swelling, now I can see the shape of the silicone and it looks perfect to my face! I look different because the height of my nose balances the middle area of my facial structure.

Thank you DRK for this balance, symmetric and beautiful new nose! You have given me a whole new life with happy and confident heart!

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