TOTAL Makeover with Korean V-Line Contour! Maxillofacial Surgery at DRK made my life as beautiful as

Maxillofacial surgery is the most effective plastic surgery to improve the facial bone and transform your look to a whole new different face. In Korea, this is done to correct the unbalanced facial symmetry and unattractive look.

In my case, my lower jaw is protruding making my teeth and my chin too forward and my jaws are too broad for my taste. I wanted to correct this asymmetry of my upper and lower jaw plus jaw reduction to give a friendly face look.

If you can notice the photo above, my before jaw surgery photo you can notice that the left side if broader than the right, also the whole chin is pointing forward. When I am in the right age to correct this flaw, and solve this problem I started to look for the best surgeon in Thailand. It was not easy to find one that is specialized in Jaw surgery or Maxillofacial surgery, I was even planning to go to Korean to have my plan of doing jaw surgery take place, but the cost is too expensive for my budget. Until my favorite Make up artist and a celebrity icon Ms. KhunKhumdreamer also had a jaw surgery that turns to be very successful. When I found out that she had done it in DRK, I immediate run to DRK for a consultation.

When I had my consultation, the Maxillofacial specialist checked the condition of my teeth. It turns out that my problem is not only the protruding lower haw nor the broad jaws, but also the sliding jaw. My jaw is sliding to the right which gives the left a more emphasized jaw than the right.

I was really amazed by how DRK surgeon examined my condition, the process of the consultation is seamless! from the admission staff and the medical advisors are very accommodating and easy to approach. The environment is very hygienic and cozy at the same time. It feels like I'm a VIP.

I am so confident to achieve the result that I desire, because the surgeon studied in Germany and had so many outstanding successful cases on Jaw surgery. His experience and knowledge on this procedure exceeds the other surgeons that I have met before.

This is me before the Jaw / Maxillofacial surgery. Above and Below photos show my jaw and lower chin give me a strong look. An asymmetrical jaw that leaves my face to look masculine.

The first step in doing the Jaw surgery is to have a CT SCAN, to really assess the facial bone structure in clear view, in that the surgeon may able to visualize the actual condition of my jaws.

Second step is the MODEL, DRK has a system that will make an actual facial bone structure from the result of CT SCAN. This will help me and the surgeon discuss thoroughly the exact procedure of my Jaw surgery. To explain to me what can be done and what would be the expected result.

The maxillofacial surgeon will cut off the excessive jaw bone that give me a broad jaw. To achieve the V-LINE CONTOUR like the Korean beauty, the jaw must be slim. Of course, by all means I am willing to do the jaw reduction surgery to have the Korean look that I desire.

And this is the doctor's plan. It'ss very impressive Up to resolution Carefully measure the proportions precisely to avoid mistakes.

DRK is affiliated with JCI accredited hospital. One of the things that I like about them is that they are not like other clinics that would risk the life of the patient to do major operations inside their clinic, with less equipments and less medical personnel. Unlike DRK, the security of the patient is the NO.1 PRIORITY, that's why for major operations, they send their patients to the hospital to do it. And not just an ordinary hospital, it has to be JCI accredited.

The day same day after my operation, after a few hours asleep, I'm finally awake. I still don't feel anything, thank heavens because of the anesthesia might still be in my body. Other than looking like a zombie, I'm just fine.

The Jaw/ Maxillofacial surgery took 7-8 hours, I was under general anesthesia so basically I was asleep the entire time.

The following day after my Jaw surgery, I can remove the bandage off my face, although I still have to wear them to help reduce the swelling faster. No signs of bleeding, I don't see any excessive bruises, although I feel a bit tenderness and pain, but thanks to the prescribed pain killers, everything uncomfortable is bearable.

** So what has been done? The surgeon cut off a small portion of my side jaws to give me a V-Line contour, the lower jaw was moved backwards and forward the upper jaw a bit. Plus chin shaving to give a desirable look on my wide chin.

I have to eat liquid food for now because I cannot chew obviously I cannot grind food using my teeth. But I am alright to eat liquid food, so that will also serve as a good diet on my part hehehe

3 DAYS after my Jaw surgery, my face is still swelling as expected it will not disappear very soon. Although the pain is lesser than the previous days. I'm still in the hospital because I want the nurses to take care of me than taking care of myself at home. But I am good to go home now..

Day 5 I returned home. I can take care of myself from here, no need for close monitoring at the hospital. I have to wear this facial bandage to help reduce the swelling. I have to stay home for now, no going out because I might scare the people. hahahha

Day 7 Everything continues like every day. My face is still swelling but I'm patient to wait until it subsides. Just lucky not to have terrible bruises. The pain is bearable, I just have to be very careful in moving my mouth so that I wont have to exert much effort on it.

Day 9, I have a follow up schedule with my doctor. I'm so relieved to hear that there's no complication whatsoever from my jaw surgery. All I have to do is wait until the wounds inside totally heal and the swelling will completely disappear.

Day 12 I took out the bandage and take a photo, oh, still swollen, it's clear that it's still swollen. But I look at the chin and like it. The chin is not cut short. Although my face is still swollen I can tell that the bump on my jaws are gone! I like it so much!

Day 15 is half past month and now I can go out! I still have to be mild on my food intake, which I prefer to eat liquid food like porridge but I can go out now and face the world!

Day 16, still swollen but pain is gone! no more antibiotics too! I'm free from any infection or complication!

Day 25 notice the side jaws!!! no more bumps!!! so incredible! DRK surgeon did an excellent job on removing the most ugly angle of my face which is the bump on my jaws. I am happy to see some of the result, I said some because my face is obviously still swollen, it might take some time to finally see the result.

29th day, almost a month after my jaw surgery, looking good each day..

Day 44, the right side of it is swollen up a little. I have to go to sleep a little. But it's nice to have a good time.

2 months after jaw surgery, the swelling collapse noticeably. Although I have to be honest that the swelling is not complete gone, I can see the changes done on my face. The jaw is aligned both upper and lower, the broad jaw are gone, and the chin is also not wide.

I can go back to soft meal, not liquid anymore. I can chew now, no more pain. I can do my normal routine just that not too much exertion to avoid worsen the swelling.

I have to be more patient in waiting for the final result. It might take another month or so, but I am willing to wait.

I am happy to see good prognosis on my face, the jaws on the side are now slim giving me a V-Line contour, symmetric jaw alignment and no more protruding chin.

3 months almost a hundred days! Wow I survived! Swelling is not obvious anymore! I look different! My face become friendly and cute, unlike before that I look strong and masculine.

I thank DRK for my jaw/ maxillofacial surgery, I can affirm that the operation is successful because of it's safe procedure and recovery plus the desired and expected result is achieved.

Now, my self loath is gone, I love my looks now because I have the face that I have been dreaming of since I was young. I become a happy person, I don't have insecurities and fears of rejection.

That's why, being happy with yourself is very important to give you the confidence that you yearn for.

Only DRK can make this result like Korean style surgery! No need to go to Korea to have the Korean beauty, DRK will give you the experience of VIP treatment and amazing result you can never imagine!

Below is the timeline from before the jaw/ maxillofacial surgery to the last update (3months after)

Korean V-Line Contour achieved! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my review. If you have dreams to improve your image, I recommend DRK. Have a consultation and you will feel the difference from others. The beginning of your journey starts when you decide to take action.

See you!

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