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Level Up the mother boobs! No more sagging breast with Breast Augmentation at DRK!

Breast Augmentation

After breast feeding, the breasts normally sag. This is a normal reaction, and being a young mother, it is not our dream to look unattractive after giving birth. I still wanted to look a sexy hot mom even I'm no single anymore.

I chose DRK because the clinic has experienced and known surgeons. The surgeons are mostly professors in the university. They have international practices that give them the good reputation in the whole Thailand.

DRK uses MENTOR silicone implant that is made in the USA, it have various size and shape that would fit perfectly to any woman's body figure. With mine, I can have as big as 325cc.

The incision is under the breast crease when the line folds naturally, so when it heals (the incision) it will look like just a fold under the breast.

DRK creates a small incision enough to have a good access inside the breast where the surgeon inserted the implant under the muscle to give it a natural feel and touch.

2 months after my breast augmentation, the swelling is gone, no pain, no bruises, I am back to normal!

I look more sexy than before! I love being mom now because I can be responsible and still look sexy!

Thank you DRK for giving back my sexy body, and even more sexier!

Breast Augmentation

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