Big boobs, Big confidence. I can have a short hair without looking like a man anymore!

Breast augmentation that feels very natural to feel and touch with the right silicone implant made in the USA, the MENTOR. DRK only choose Mentor USA that is trusted by well-experienced and breast surgery specialists around the globe. Mentor implants have various sizes and different texture that would fit perfectly to your breast condition.

I am very lucky to find DRK as my beauty maker in changing my body image from flat chested to big breasts. I have many friends that recommended DRK because they are known to have good reputation carried by the outstanding outcome they brought to their patients.

During my consultation at DRK, they have this 4D simulation device that would detect the size of the breast and what could be the best size for the body figure. In this case I could select which one I want and how much projection and roundness I want for my upcoming new breast. This technology is very helpful in deciding how would I wanna look after the breast augmentation.

DRK standard procedure for major surgery such as breast augmentation, they sent their patient to JCI accredited hospital to ensure safety and full-on medical security for the patient. This regulation has given me more confidence that I would be totally safe during my breast augmentation surgery where I am in total oblivion. The hospital nurses took care of me professionally with the complete medical technology that monitors my vitals for the entire operation.


I am advised to stay one night at the hospital till my system is alright, and recovered from the general anesthesia. The breasts are obviously swollen, the pain is bearable.

***1 DAY after Breast Augmentation***

I'm still at the hospital at this time, the surgeon came to visit me for follow up check. Everything looks fine, the swelling is normal and expected. Good sign there are no bleeding and bruises.

***2 DAYS after Breast Augmentation***

The incision is below the breast at the fold where I can hide it and later will look like a normal fold under the breast. I'm happy not to have terrible bruises. I can take a bath but I have to keep the plaster on the incision site so they will not get wet.

I have to wear the compressive bra for 2 weeks straight, recommended for a month then I can wear them at night for 3months to help reduce swelling faster and supports the breasts.

My recovery period was easy and fast, it felt very comfortable. I was able to go to my office and able to think and function properly. Thanks to DRK's technique in performing breast augmentation surgery, 14PP standard, Bloodless and cutting edge technologies.

My first time to go out on a beach! I feel so beautiful and sexy with my 375cc breast! They look natural! I can wear my short hair and still look sexy! My friends don't mock me with boyish look because of my big breasts!

Thank you so much DRK for making my big boobs come true! I am satisfied with the experience and the outcome.


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