From deviated bulbous big nose to Ideal Nose for men by DRK

Believe it or not, the transformation I have received from DRK by doing rhinoplasty and alarplasty have really changed not only my look but also my mood! From zero to hero attitude thank you DRK!

Hi I'm Kenshi, I had rhinoplasty nose hump reduction and alarplasty nose wing reduction at DRK. I used to have big, wide and bulbous nose and this made my face look odd. It was too big for my face and I look scary like a mischievous person. I've been wanting to change my nose shape but it's not easy to just jump in to any clinic here in Bangkok.


Notice the hump of my nose, it is caused by a crooked bone. Crooked nose is not attractive.

The width of my alars made me look angry or panting all the time because they were flaring. The best way to make a narrow nose wing is through alarplasty.

***In the operating room, BEFORE Rhinoplasty and Alarplasty***

The surgeon made a measurement of my nose to make sure of the symmetry and perfection of the shape of my nose. DRK medical personnel took care of me all throughout the operation making sure that I'm doing well and comfortable.


After the rhinoplasty and alarplasty procedure, the nurses sent me to the recovery room for couple of minutes to rest until I'm alright to go back home. I was prescribed with medicines for the pain, anti infection and reduce swelling. I am advised to apply ice packs for 3 days to help reduce swelling faster.

After 1 week, I am back to my normal routine. Although my nose is still swollen, I can do normal stuff and my friends cannot seem to notice the swelling. I have to wait for more days until the swelling totally subsides.

In 10 days I can have noticed the changes on my nose. Since the swelling is almost gone, the shape of my nose is emphasized. No more hump and the tip of the nose gives a good look.

I look different now! I feel handsome! My manhood confidence have grown and I like how it feels! I am more happy and my mood is always positive and on-the-go!

The dimension of my nose achieves the ideal nose for men, and I like how it perfectly suit to my whole facial structure. It gives balance and friendly look. Also the wing of my nose from alarplasty is now narrow and it gives a sweet expression.

I would like to thank DRK and team for giving me this incredible transformation! My nose is now symmetric, no hump and narrow nose wing. My significant others are happy to see good result from this journey.


#Rhinoplasty #alarplasty #nosehumpreduction

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