Enhanced jawline and slender face through Buccal Fat Removal

Why do men need to look chiseled face? For me, men need to look strong and masculine, and if the face is chubby or round it defeats the idea of a real manhood. Because real man has no chubby cheeks.

I belong to the group of people that are born to have round chubby cheeks. This is not because I am fat, this is because my genes are build to have one. There’s nothing I can do about it but plastic surgery. Since the fat is caused inside the cheeks called the buccal fat pad, the way to get rid of it is through injection that dissolves the buccal fat pad and operation which is called buccal fat removal surgery. I have known few people who didn’t want to have surgery so they chose to have the injection to dissolve the buccal pad, but then the face look narrowed and hollowed, it does not look beautiful, it looks like they are sick, some didn’t work and some have overdone the injection and the face does not look equal.

Buccal fat removal by DRK is very safe procedure. Their surgeons are well-experienced and expert on this field. They have best facilities that are cutting edge, plus the operating room environment is very clean and they practice sterile technique.

***PREPARING for the BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL surgery***

The medical personnel are very professional in assisting me and taking care of my vital signs, they made sure that my condition is well for the operation.

The buccal fat removal procedure took less than an hour. I was very relieved that I don't have to wait for so long. The surgeon administer a local anesthesia and after that, I didn't feel any discomfort whatsoever throughout the operation.


I was advised to wear a facial compressive garment and apply cold packs for 3 days to help reduce the swelling faster. For 3 days, I must not eat hot and spicy food to avoid irritation to the incision wound inside the cheeks. I also should not clean my teeth with a toothbrush, but I can use mouthwash instead.


My cheeks are still swollen but I'm really happy that I have no terrible bruises not complication! in less than a week I can go back to my normal routine! I don't have to wear the compressive garment and I can eat as usual.


Incredible result! The outcome is really obvious! as the swollen starts to subside, I can see that my cheeks begins to show its result from buccal fat removal surgery!


Notice the difference of before and after buccal fat removal surgery!! I don't have chubby cheeks anymore! I look handsome!!! Chubby cheeks are really not for men! I have gained more confidence and that confidence brought me happiness and that happiness gives positivity towards my relationship with my loved ones and at work!

Men deserve to have that confidence too! Achieve the look that you want, DRK will help you!

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